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Why Global Warming DOES NOT Really Exist

I only know what scientists tell me. Only thing is, the only scientists I'm hearing from are ones who calmly and rationally explain that the ice sheets go through shrinking/growth cycles and that there is no evidence that what we humans do has that large of an effect on the ice sheets. Everytime I hear someone express the opposite view, 1) they are not a scientist of any kind and 2) they express it by shouting irrationally. So, I'm more inclined to believe the scientist who presents his case calmly and rationally. The thing is though, I sadly can't provide links to scientific resources on the internet to support my conclusions. The reason is, honestly, I can't find them. I'm sure that there are scientific resources out there because I listen to scientists who share my views talk about the resources all the time. However, I don't know if these studies the scientists quote ever end up on the internet. Sadly, news companies don't want to publish articles that detail opinions that disagree with man-made global warming on the internet. And scientists who disagree with man-made global warming often don't get a lot of funding, so often their research doesn't end up on the internet. And instead, they get published in some super obscure science journal and only ends up on print.

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Why Global Warming DOES NOT Really Exist

the ice packs have been going through cycles of growth and shrinking for millions of years. there's no evidence to suggest that even if the ice caps are currently shrinking that at some point the cycle won't start over and they'll grow again. do your research. find a map of the arctic ice sheet from 1898 (it actually exists) and compare it to nasa's satellite map of the arctic from 1998. you'll be surprised at the conclusions that can be drawn. the thames river (which flows through london) would regularly freeze over with ice thick enough to support an entire market as recently as the 1870s. now al gore is telling us the earth is getting too hot. however, back in the 1970s he was telling us the earth was getting too cold. that leads me to believe that, if he was correct both times, the earths climate is not effected by what we do. or at least not to the extent that some would have us believe. and lastly, wikipedia! really?! wikipedia is about as good a source as your local neighborhood crazy person who yells at the street signs.

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Why Global Warming DOES NOT Really Exist

well, 1) that's what "scientists" who are pro-global warming have done. and 2) if you really want to prove me wrong, then you'll have to look at the climate data for the whole planet to be anywhere near correct.

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T.V shows they should of never canceled

I'll agree with the fact that they should've never cancelled MST3K or Monster Vision, but the others I could live without.

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My turn on "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"

if you're lucky you may find a couple of movies from the 80's. i know that there was two movies called slipstream. one of them came out in 1989 and had bill paxton, ben kingsly, mark hamill and robbie coltrane. the one that came out in 1989 is in the public domain. i know it's not on the list but i thought it was worth seeing. i do know that the lord of the rings trilogy is on the list. if you're a fan of peter jackson, his first film is in the public domain and is available on that website i mentioned before. it's called bad taste. let me warn you though, the movie's cheese factor is very high and it gets really gross in one scene.

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Movies I Have on DVD That I've Never Seen

Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe - cheesy but good
Bluebeard - slow, but decent
Dead Men Walk - surprisingly good
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - talkie version is better
In The Year 2889 - cheesy but good
A Journey To The Center Of Time - cheesy but good
The Monster Maker - cheesy but good
Moon Of The Wolf - good
Silent Night, Bloody Night - good classic horror
Snowbeast - slow, but at least it has Phillis Diller
Things To Come - slow

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Top Video Games That Should Be Movies

First off, live action movie versions of video games have never really been what you might call... good.

Mortal Kombat: it was passable, but only because Christopher Lambert was in it
Mortal Kombat Annihilation: was made to keep the actors off welfare
Alone in the Dark: BAD
Bloodrayne: BAD
Far Cry: not even Anthony Bourdain could save it
...and the list goes on.

Half-Life - never played it
The Legend of Zelda - would make a questionable movie
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - after the last Indiana Jones movie... NO, JUST NO
Monkey Island - never played it, but after seeing the box, no
Starcraft or Warcraft - never played starcraft, warcraft - not even Peter Jackson could make it good
Metroid - too simple
Homeworld - never played it
Metal Gear Solid - just no

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My turn on "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"

some of these movies, especially the ones from the 20's 30's and 40's, are in the public domain. if you want to see some of them, you can try going to archive.org and just do a search for each title. you can watch them for free on the website, and without loggin in, or you can download them. i do know that birth of a nation, intolerance, orphans of the storm, and the 1924 version of the thief of bagdad are available for streaming on netflix.

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