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Top 400 trance tracks of all time

this list is a fucking joke =)))
"Top 400 trance tracks of all time" my ass. it's HIS top 400 trance tracks!

I mean how retarded can u be to include Zion - No fate, but not Scooter's version of No fate? This guys is just another biased deepshit who thinks good music is what HE likes.

...Not to mention Dune - can't stop raving, kay cee - escape 2, ayla - liebe, adam K & soha's mix of need to feel loved, pf project - choose life etc. etc. And this are not just my favorites, they are the most popular tunes trough the years, not piece of shit unknown tracks like these, which all have 100 views combined on youtube.

I like unknown tracks too, as a matter in fact my favorite tunes are 50% produced by almost unknown artists, some of them not even signed, but I'm not so dumb to consider them BEST OF ALL TIME, I have enough IQ to realize that they are just MY favorites. they didn't become popular for a very good reason moron!

go kill urself retard

PS: to anyone who is interested in making a REAL top trance list based on the track release date / # youtube views let me know

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