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Best decade for Movies

1950 for sure

4/13/2016 View

2003 and 2007 were the best. Guess why.

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Great interpretation by Sviatoslav. The piece? It sums up my ambivalent sentiment for Schubert. Probably the best gifted tune writer along with Mozart but quite repetitive at the long distance. It's a very Schumann-like piece. Harmonically quite inconsistent, full of arpeggios and redundant moments.
Bach only once fell once on this territory, with his Chromatic Fantasy, one of the less consistent work by the greatest composer of all time.
Anyway, Richter made this listening a marvel. Thanks for sharing it.

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Classical Music - Greatest Piano Sonatas

Not for sure. His Ballades are far better. First sonata is not significant. The 2nd is the most famous and the 3rd maybe the best.
Anyway, my favourite Chopin come from little pieces like Marzukas.

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Classical Music - Greatest Piano Sonatas

I accept all your arguments despite they are opposite of mine.
"playful, naive" are the quality that i dislike the most in Mozart and that sonata is so light and harmonically inconsistent to represent a nice example of unworthy composition.
The Arietta from op.111 is one of Beethoven great movements. Only the first mov meet my reservation. It's rather mechanic in its progression and harmonically not consistent at all. The 2nd movememnt is great but some variations don't persuade me at all (for instance the proto-jazz variation) and the whole movemement shows a more improvisatory quality and less sustained structure (not necessarily a quality in my opinion) than its op. 109 predecessor.
I really envy your live experience with Schiff.
op.53: one of the recognized gem of Beethoven's heroic period. According to me, is just a long, pretentious, boring sonata.
I can name 25 better piano compositions by Ludwig van.
No Chopin on your list?

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Greatest Horror Movies

I would not dare to "recommend" it but, being quite unknown, I suggest it, at least.

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Greatest Horror Movies


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Classical Music - Greatest Piano Sonatas

U forgot Berg's first and only Piano Sonata. Wagner chromaticism meet Schoenberg's free atonality.
Imho: Mozart 545 is one of the worst sonata from the Austrian composer
Schubert 959 shows one of the most recognizable slow movement of all time. And the Scherzo is a gem, too.
Op. 109 by Beethoven is way better than Hammerklavier and op.111. The first movement from 111 would want to be a sum of the heroic period from LvB but is just a mess. First movement from op.109 is one of Beethoven's most audacious moment, despite its rhapsodic flow.
Waldstein is boring like hell. All Beethoven's first 18 sonatas are way better. Expecially op.26-28-31,1-31,2-31,3.

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Round 1 - Part 6

I refuse to vote before listening or re-listening all the albums. I hope everybody will do this. U cannot condemn Battisti without giving him a chance!

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Round 1 - Part 3

Remain in Light beat Transformer.
The others.. dunno

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Welcome!

1950: Psalm 130 for Mixed Chorus a cappella (Schoenberg)

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Welcome!

Last thing: you should make a similar playlist for movies. Guaranteed success.

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Welcome!

I pick up some other favourites of mine.
1990: La Sposa Occidentale
1972: Ziggy Stardust
1970: Desertshore
1971: Sticky Fingers
1972: Transformer
1967: Strange Days
1966: Revolver
1971: Emozioni
Certainly there are many more rock albums to discover and probably better than these ones.
Of course, if you consider contemporary classical music the first half of XX century all the above mentioned album should be erased and replaced by the very favourite of mine.
Pick up 10 works by Schoenberg, 5 by Webern, 3 by Valen, 3 by Berg, 2 by Prokofiev and it's okay for me.

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Welcome!

What do you mean with contemporary classical music?
It's a vast period of time.

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Best Ever Album Tournament - Welcome!

I'm not a rock connoisseur. Anyway these are my favourite album
1966 - Blonde on Blonde
1967 - Velvet Underground and Nico
1968 - Astral Weeks
1968 - Marble Index
1968 - The Beatles (aka The White Album)
1968 - The Doors
1968 - White Light / White Heat
1974 - Rock Bottom
1980 - Remain in Light
1988 - L'Apparenza

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