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If you love the art of Piero i heartily suggest you to buy "Piero della Francesca" a volume written by the great Roberto Longhi, the most eminent critic of the last century.
Roberto Longhi was not only an art critic but a poet. Do you know that he rediscovered Caravaggio after the centuries of neglect?

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Yeah, it's interesting to notice the dichomoty between Masaccio's fantastic sense of perspective and the volume of his bodies against Masolino's old style of painting. Two different worlds in one chapel. Masaccio's death is maybe the most tragic early departure among the giant masters of the renaissance period.
In only 27 years of life he contributed (along with Brunelleschi and Donatello) to create a new world for art. And his works are not only revolutionary but masterpieces by themselves. Imagine what he could have done if the fate would have allowed him to live till 50yo.
In his twenties he was already considered a new Giotto. Just imagine...

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Vision of Constantine is one of treasure of the art of painting and one of the very first night-scene (nocturno) in the history of art (obviously, this primacy is only part of its greatness).
In general, i think it's best best fresco cycle along with those marvellous works in the Cappella Brancacci.

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Greatest Films - Extended List

About your list I miss these titles
2.Metropolis-Lang (1927) ["The Complete Metropolis", 147 minutes]
4.Brazil-Gilliam (1985) [The Final Cut, 142 minutes]
5.Nostalghia-Tarkovsky (1983)
10.The Kingdom-Von Trier (1994)
11.Greed-Von Stroheim (1924) [Studio Cut, 140 minutes]
16.Landscape in the Mist-Angelopoulos (1988)
25.The Traveling Players-Angelopoulos (1975)
31.The Color of Paradise-Majidi (1998)
37.The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover-Greenaway (1989)
41.City of Lost Children-Jeunet (1995)
44.Miracle in Milan-De Sica (1951)
45.The Man With A Movie Camera-Vertov (1928)
51.Earth-Dovzhenko (1930)
52.Satantango-Tarr (1994)
54.Wings of Desire-Wenders (1987)
58.Zardoz-Boorman (1972)
61.12 Monkeys-Gilliam (1995)
62.Dr. Akagi-Imamura (1998)
64.The Blue Angel-Von Sternberg (1930)
69.Europa-Von Trier (1991)
71.Secret Ceremony-Losey (1968)
86.La Strada-Fellini (1954)
87.Eternity and a Day-Angelopoulos (1998)
91.The Last Laugh-Murnau (1924)
92.A Face in the Crowd-Kazan (1957)
93.Reservoir Dogs-Tarantino (1992)
94.Leon: The Professional-Besson (1994)
95.Close Encounters of the Third Kind-Spielberg (1977)
96.The Seven Samurai-Kurosawa (1954)
97.To Be or Not To Be-Lubitsch (1947)
98.Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left for the East?-Yong-kyun (1989)
101.Hard Boiled-Woo (1992)
104.The Road Warrior-Miller (1981)
107.Dead Man-Jarmusch (1995)
108.Sansho the Bailiff-Mizoguchi (1954)
110.The Pillow Book-Greenaway

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Alfred Hitchcock Anniversary Quiz


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I don't know very much the music of Varese but thanks for the suggestion. I will listen to it very soon, maybe this week.
I love atonality. My favourite works are the earlier ones from Alban Berg, expecially his op. 1 and Alternberg Lieder.
I can't consider Anton Webern just a composer of atonal music. Indeed, his best works adopt the 12th tone technique that is a method to organize music without a tone centre. The 12th tone technique found in Webern its most crafted composer, even more than Schoenberg in some way.
Now i'm in love with Fartein Valen, an unknown composer who did write marvellous atonal music.
Try to listen to his symphony n. 2 and 4 on youtube. You will be particularty delighted.
Which is the best recording of the art of fugue (imho the greatest work of music)? i don't have a real favourite recording.
The art of fugue, being universal music, is not indicated or recommended for some particular instruments.
For organ recording i would pick up Walcha, for harpsichord maybe Gilbert (uncomplete) and Hill (a very optimistic recording).
For piano, obviously Gould but i suggest you the selections i made and uploaded in youtube on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBM7AsMhQFo
I'm very satisfied of it.

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I love Sister Ray too. For Rock/pop albums i can suggest you an italian author: Lucio Battisti "L'Apparenza". It's not an easy album to approach. But try it.
I also like Remain in Light, Marble Index and some other albums but i don't consider myself a rock fan or specialist.
As for Schoenberg, his poetry can be divided in 4 parts: the first one is the most easy to approach: till Pelleas und Melisande he took to the extreme limit the late romanticism exploration on tonality and chromaticism.
In the second part, with works like the chamber symphonies and the 2nd string quartet he pratically invented atonality, that is music lacking a tonal centre.
During the 1st world war he enter in a period of artistic crisis and explored a new method to organize his atonal revolution: i can't consider myself a strong fan of 12th tone music (it's like try to write a romance with only 10 letters of the alphabet) but the first works written in the twenties are absolute materpieces. Maybe because he needed a method, even if constrained. The serialism born here.
The fourth and later part of his career is a culmination of the third but not characterised with the same happiness of invention and joy to write music. Anyway, no one since Bach was able to write contrapunctal music and use harmonic devices like Schoenberg, imho.
For a first approach i suggest you: Verklarte Nach and Pelleas und Melisande. Try to listen its early lieder... they are totally unknown but the most of them are really marvellous gems.
As for lieder, for a first approach to atonalism listen to the book of hanging gardens.
The most approachable opus for 12th tone technique is maybe the serenade op. 24 and five pieces for piano op. 23.

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After all, i think it won't be part of it. One of my favourite rock albums, pure avant-guard at that time but pure art lies elsewhere...

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

My Gollie. I should start reading Maltin's list checking up 4 stars movies from 1988 to 2010. They are hilarious. No Lynch, the worst Almodovar in a decade of gems, no Mann, no Coen, no Anderson. To not mention no Taxi Driver, no Kubrick after 2001: A Space Odyssey. One of the worst lists ever.

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

Correction: North by Northwest was released after Vertigo.
Other absurdities: he mentioned Gigi and not Top Hat....

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

ahahahahah no mentions for Day of Wrath (1943) but a call for Bernadette.... What a dumb critic. an he get paid to judge movies....
In 1955 he forget The Night of the Hunter for Mister Roberts... puahh...

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

I can't believe. He enlisted The Father of the Bride as one of the four best movies of 1950 and he didn't mention In a Lonely Place by Ray.... I surrender, at this point.

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

The Searchers ---> 1956 and not 1948

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

Incredible. He didn't consider Notorious a four stars? Lol, this list starts to bore me.

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Leonard Maltin's 4 Star Movies (2010 Edition)

The Ox-Bow Incident was not released in 1946 but 1943

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