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Alien/Predator (movies) Ranking List 0 11/15/2010
Ranking the Terminator Movies List 0 11/15/2010
movie poll
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best alien/predator movie Poll 0 2/12/2011
Best Terminator (movies) (Poll) Poll 0 11/25/2010
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Bands/Artists Who I Like And Their Country Of Origin List 0 4/20/2011
Bands/artists whos albums I dont own but I like Article 0 11/16/2010
Best Melodic Death Metal Albums I Own (Ranked) List 0 1/29/2011
Best Power Metal Albums I Own (Ranked) List 0 2/12/2011
best thrash metal bands I know of List 4 12/2/2010
Check Out Vildhjarta List 0 1/31/2011
Favourite Album (Was In My Opinion When I First Made This) List 3 3/23/2011
Favourite live music dvds I own List 0 3/10/2011
Genres Of Music Albums I Listen To List 0 3/9/2011
Megadeth Sampler List 0 2/26/2011
Music DVDs and albums I own List 0 4/23/2011
My favorite metal bands/musicians in no particular order List 0 12/2/2010
My Favourite Bands/Artists Ranked List 0 3/10/2011
Some random albums from the 70s and early 80s I think people should check out List 0 11/15/2010
Thrash Metal/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Albums (By Thrash Metal Bands) I Own (Ranked) (2010) List 0 1/29/2011
top ten favorite Dragonforce songs List 0 11/16/2010
VH1s 100 greatest hard rock songs List 0 11/15/2010
VH1s 40 Greatest Metal Songs List 1 11/16/2010
What Band/Group/Artist Do you think is/was the best live? ( Comment On Who You Think Is ) List 4 3/6/2011
Music Poll
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Avenged Sevenfold or OVERKILL? Poll 0 11/29/2010
best avenged sevenfold album (POLL) Poll 1 11/15/2010
best avenged sevenfold song (POLL) Poll 0 11/15/2010
best devil went down to georgia version Poll 0 11/29/2010
Best DragonForce song Poll 0 11/30/2010
best megadeth album Poll 0 11/29/2010
best metallica album (POLL) Poll 0 11/29/2010
Best Metallica Song Poll 0 12/7/2010
Best Sub/Fusion Genre of Metal? (POLL) Poll 1 2/8/2011
Can Dragonforce actually play their songs? Poll 0 11/18/2010
Do You Like Indie Rock Music? Poll 0 2/8/2011
Dragonforce or Demons & Wizards Poll 0 12/1/2010
Dragonforce or Slayer? Poll 0 11/15/2010
Guess The Full Album Title From The Initials List 0 2/20/2011
Guess What Bruce Dickinson's Vocal Range Is Poll 0 2/8/2011
Guess What Freddie Mercury's Vocal Range Is Poll 0 12/3/2010
Guess What Rob Halford's Vocal Range Is Poll 0 12/3/2010
Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath? Poll 0 11/29/2010
Metallica or Megadeth? Poll 0 11/29/2010
Most Overrated Guitarist? Poll 2 12/12/2010
Ronnie James Dio or Ozzy Osbourne? Poll 0 11/18/2010
Stan Rogers or Garnet Rogers? Poll 0 11/29/2010
Steve Vai or Joe Satriani? Poll 0 11/29/2010
What Age Should A Person Be Before They Listen To The Genre Of Metal? Poll 2 2/8/2011
What Do You Think Of The Metal Genre? Poll 0 12/15/2010
What Genre Is The Band Dragonforce Poll 0 11/15/2010
What is there to criticize on the music I listen to? Poll 0 2/20/2011
What's Your Favorite Of My Favorites Poll 0 2/15/2011
What's your favorite Track off of the album Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good by Megadeth Poll 1 2/20/2011
Which band/musician is best (POLL) Poll 0 12/10/2010
Which guitarist is best (POLL) Poll 0 11/29/2010
which metal guitarist is best (POLL) Poll 1 12/10/2010
Which song is harder to play on guitar Thunderstruck or Evening star Poll 0 11/25/2010
Who Has The Better Vocal Range? Poll 0 12/17/2010
Worst Genre In Musical History? (POLL) Poll 4 2/8/2011
Worst Metal Sub/Fusion Genre? (POLL) Poll 1 2/8/2011
Yngwie Malmsteen or Jimi Hendrix Poll 0 11/15/2010
Your Favorite Album Of The Ones I Own Poll 1 2/15/2011
random stuff
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Apoligies to anyone who I Cloned a list from Article 0 12/14/2010
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader (POLL) Poll 0 12/2/2010
Best Mythical Creature Poll 0 1/29/2011
McDonald's Top Most Calorie Filled Items (In Categories) (Canada) List 0 4/16/2011
Which (Statistically Speaking) Are You More Likely To Be Killed By (A Shark or A Bee) Poll 0 2/10/2011
Who would you rather want ruleing your country Sarah Palin or Eric Cartman (from south park) Poll 0 12/1/2010
Stuff About Me
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My view count. List 1 4/15/2011
Restaurants/Fast food/Coffee/Pizza places within my city. List 0 2/11/2011
Things I have Achieved List 0 11/30/2010
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My Favorite Shows On The Discovery Channel (Ranked) List 0 12/14/2010
Some Of The Worst TV Shows I Know Of In No Particular Order (In My Opinion) List 0 12/19/2010
Television Poll
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What's The Best T.V. Show On The Discovery Channel Poll 0 2/12/2011
What's The Scariest Creature That's Been On The Show River Monsters? Poll 0 2/12/2011
Video Game
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All My XBOX360 Video Games List 0 1/18/2011
Guitar Hero (Ranking) List 1 11/16/2010
Halo Ranking List 0 11/30/2010
Video Game Poll
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Are you better than the average person at video games? Poll 0 1/29/2011
Guitar Hero or Rock Band Poll 0 2/11/2011
Guitar Hero or Rock Band which is more difficult? Poll 0 2/11/2011
Halo or Call of Duty Poll 0 2/10/2011
hardest guitar song on guitar hero (POLL) Poll 3 11/5/2010