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Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)

It was Hols: Prince of the Sun :')
google turned something up eventually
hope you all find your movies too

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Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)

That really sounds like it could be The 5th Element. Only thing is it wasn't animated...

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Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)

Hi, I hope someone can help me find this movie.

I watched this movie on VCR around 2001. At the beginning, a boy finds a girl in a ruined village. She's sitting on a swing and playing some kind of stringed instrument? He takes her home with him. Later the girl helps one of the villagers sew a wedding blanket. The bride is nice to her, but the other girls laugh at her when she pricks her finger. She uses this pendant thing she has and calls a horde of rats to take the blanket away. We learn that she's the villain's sister and that's why she has the magical pendant. At one point the main boy goes looking for her and runs through a tunnel of trees. He sees a lot of... copies? of the girl. They say something to mean she has many different sides. At the end they fight the villain and the girl gives her pendant to a kid and a turtle thing maybe? It gives them control over these snow wolves and lets them beat the villain. Without the pendant the girl expects to die in the snow but she wakes up and the snow is melting.

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