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Bipolar 2 (soft bipolar) - what it is, tips for dealing, famous people with it, my own experience, etc.

WOW i'm so impressed i can't find any word to describe what i felt reading your history. i have been throughout most of them. i had my 20th birthday on 18 july with a big episode finalizing at the psychiatry hospital as i was convinced to be a prophet of god. i went around claiming that i had discovered the main purpose of universe. i believed that nobody couldn't stop me since i was becoming the same as a god so i felt energized at the max. i remember that i even beat my father as i was thinking he would make a suicide. so my family was forced to take me to the emergence metal hospital because i was becoming more and more agressive. now after a month i am totally rehabilitated but the memories till remain and cannot be deleted. thanx so much andrew my heart goes to you. i will write the entire history about myself very soon. you gave me help really, and power to accept the truth. im so glad about it. all the best mikel from albania

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Top 20 trance mixes of all time

I think that james holden balance 005 cd2 is the most fantastic mix ever. ive heard it like hundred times every day before going to sleep and its just perfect. i am amazed by the fact it is 7 years old and still sounds fresh and beautiful in every aspect. what about forbidden paradise 7 ? best regards

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Things Darktremor Finds Absurd

I have read very carefully your list and comments so i would like to tell that i completely agree with you except the first one. i dont want to debate on creation because its totally unnecessary. by the way im a liberal humanist-deist. ive been a jehowah witness for 5 years and i left about 2 years ago and i know how dangerous are some cults. my idea is that if god really exist he isnt absolute powerful or maybe we are just an experiment made by ET. you speak about religion so angry but you are not 100% right because there are some people who need to believe in something. my goal in life is to always do good and fight ignorance. also ive got a cousin in canada extremely identical with your point view. he is my best friend and the person whom i dedicate a lot of most important things in my life. i think we have to share our opinions sometimes. all the best and hope ill hear you soon

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