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Best Rock Albums Ever (according to me)

The list is great, Faust is like, everything I like in music (Jazz, Rock, Psychedelic, Collage, Classical) I got a T-Shirt of the cover. It's kinda creepy though that It's like really REALLY like Scaruffi's list but, as you please. Oh, and is there a 2000 that you consider masterpiece, or near it?

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Best Albums of the 2000's & 2010's

Have you heard Devin Townsend? Ocean Machine (1997) and Terria (2001) are masterpieces for me, higly recommended,

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Greatest Films of All Time

I've downloaded this freaking rare film, lauded by Antonioni, Godard and Tarkovsky as the greatest films evar.

It's called "Sayat Nova" (the english title is Color of The Pomegranate) by Seregei Parajanov, I guess that's the name , It's really abstract, there's not a clear narrative, there is, but it's not developed in a common way, but it's explained through symbolism, into images and sounds, I can even compare it to Faust's self titled, maybe.

I think Eraserhead well beats Inland Empire, Inland Empire it's great, but Eraserhead it's a much more emotional dense and sets an atmosphere much more dark and tense, the use of lightning, sound, the almost non-existant dialog, the music, everything fits right, whereas in Inland Empire it's an great experiment in Digital Video and "Improvised" (Lynch gave just a part of the script to the actors, and I've heard he just made up the script), but sometimes loses it's focus.

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Greatest Music Works of All Time (ARCHIVED ... NOTHING NEW TO SEE)

Good list, I can recommend some stuff to you

Have you heard Harry Partch's "Delusion of the Fury"? It's a sunged ballet, his music uses a 43-tone scale, and he invented a lot of percussion and stringed instruments.

You should hear Varèse too, especially "Deserts", it's part a symphonic, part electronic. And Giacinto Scelsi, the piece "Uaxuctum" and "Quatro Pezzi Su una nota", which are works build around only one note, or something like that.

By Frank Zappa I can recommend you "Sinister Footwear", it's sadly only available as a Bootleg, but the quality it's pretty astonishing to be an unofficial one. It's a great work, probably one of his masterpieces.

Have you heard Foetus and his other projects? Manorexia and Steroid maximus? Gondwanaland and Radolarian Ooze are pretty good.

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