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How do you view P2P or Torrents like BitTorrent to download TV or Movies?

Wow - another great discussion about the law and the beliefs of intellectual property. Great job!
Now the question at hand: It is 2010 and there are 4 people who have voted who know nothing of peer-to-peer or bit torrents according to their votes. How can we have that be? Shouldn't everyone be sharing via P2P so that we can open up songs/shows/movies/art to more people and awaken their appreciation for it? That is what this "argument" is about yet there are at least 4 people who came to this site and don't know what we are referring to!
If you have questions about it - read this http://bit.ly/XKJtn and understand what we are talking about.
On a side note - if more artists put their music out into the Bit Torrent universe, they would become more popular in more places and not just in the United States or Europe! MORE AVAILABILITY=MORE APPRECIATION=MORE MONEY MADE ON MERCHANDISE!!!!!!$$$!!!!!!!!

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How do you view P2P or Torrents like BitTorrent to download TV or Movies?

Wow! you do have a point, but to be clear: it has been proven that setting things "free" brings back more rewards than micro-managing/controlling them and turning the fans into criminals. In fact, I can't tell you the amount of music, books and videos I have paid for just because I got something free and enjoyed it enough to get hard copies. Plus, anything you enjoy you tend to make others aware of and provide free advertising for it. If it weren't for "Dean Gray" and "American Edit" there would be a lot fewer fans of Green Day's American Idiot and in fact it increased the spotlight on that good album.
Also, saying that downloads rob the artist - the argument doesn't hold much weight if the artist is smart enough to parlay that exposure into more sales and marketing. Yes, you spend a large amount of money recording an "album" - but if you have to charge $15 and sell +3,000 copies to recoup your effort, would you have a bigger amount of supporters than if you let it be downloaded and subsequently purchased legitimately after finding out how good you are?
I always told my bands back in the late 80's and early 90's to sell their new tapes or CDs at used record stores like they wanted to get rid of it. This would give them more exposure by being in a store with established artists offered and it would give someone the chance to purchase their music cheaply, which may lead them to get more of their friends to enjoy it and they in turn would purchase another copy themselves. You must have a demand if you want to supply your arts.
Oh yeah - the people who spend the most are also the biggest downloaders could be true - I spend on average over $5,500 a year on books/movies/music but I won't admit to how much of the downloading I do.
Anyway, thanks for voting and putting your comments in this. It is always greatly appreciated when others give feedback to things I am interested in!

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How do you view P2P or Torrents like BitTorrent to download TV or Movies?

Actually it includes everything that is shared P2P. Music, movies, TV, pictures, books, software, porn, etc. And BTW, you wouldn't be alone!

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Favorite Comic Books and Graphic Novels

Actually I do love all things comics, including non-mainstream. My only caveat to that is that the art must be decent and not something that a 8-year old draws like.
As for other stuff - I LOVE all things Carl Barks, especially his Scrooge stuff so I collect everything I can get my hands on (including the rare Another Rainbow hardcovers from the 1980's).
But you mentioned Chris Ware, who is truly a God when it comes to design, and Bagge and Clowes, who are also brilliant. I have some Mazzacchelli, but sometimes find his work to be a little disjointed storytelling wise. I also loved Moebius' stuff from Metal Hurlant, but haven't found anything current of his that stands up to that. And Crumb is disturbing but good - I started reading his "Genesis" but am disturbed with his style covering the bible, so I had to put it down. Just a personal preference, but hard to overcome my beliefs and years of teachings.
Thanks for the "awakening" to other things - now I need to add to my list again!

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Television shows and Mini Series watched on DVD in 2010

Good choices to watch - especially 30 Rock which may be a little uneven, but every year it gets better!

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Best Abbott and Costello Movie

Choosing one was hard - can there be a bad Abbott & Costello movie? Even their lesser known works were funny!

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Top Christian Pop/Rock/Alternative Albums (a work in progress)

You are correct - I just forgot about that. But I stand by the individual claims - Horrendous Disc is a great album and the Alarma Chronicles are excellent!

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Bands that Candle's Flame promoted

And they rocked, right? Jerry and the guys are great fun and I miss their performances a lot!

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The Greatest CCM Artists (A Work-in-Progress; Suggestions Welcome)

The top 3 should be (in order of importance to current generations) Bill Gaither, Keith Green and Rich Mullins. Those 3 gave us some of the most influential music in the last century for Christians to uplifted and challenged by. But you have a great start. I would also include Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Whiteheart, Lifesavors Underground (LSU), Altar Boys, and Undercover. Those groups brought so much to the Christian alternative and rock fields that their influence is still around. In fact, without Rez, most of the newer bands would not exist!

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