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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi Norest,

Thanks for the suggestions and checking out the list. Much appreciated

My fave Hardsequencer track is Brain Crash

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Sorry Scot K,

Can't think of the song you are looking for. Hopefully someone else can help you out ;)

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Thank you very much for looking at and praising my list... mind the pun...

On your question about Praise You... Norman Cook (AKA) Fatboy Slim is a genius and I already have three Fatboy Slim tracks on the list and also ones from Groups he has been in (Beats International, Mighty Dub Katz & Pizzaman), so I think I have given him some credit in my list. With the Praise You track however, I must really be honest, and say that the reason it isn't in the list is purely because I never liked the tune... it always annoyed me from the first time I heard it, but I appreciate that it was/is very popular. Also, if I had room on my list I would prefer putting tracks by him like Gangster Trippin, Everybody Needs a 303 or Weapon of Choice before Praise You.

Sorry that the reason isn't more technical HoppedUpOnTea. ;)

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Thanks Jimmyc,

Great track on a great record label... and thanks for checking out my list

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi ilove2dance,

Thank you for your kind words and liking my list. Yes it took me many hours to complete this list and I did receive help from those who have suggested great songs that I may have missed or forgotten about. People critizing my list doesn't bother me, as long as they do it with respect... Not saying this is the best songs but I am saying this is what I think are the best songs.

I hope you have a lot of fun listening to these tracks... I think they are great!!!!

And a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you also.

PS - Your English is fine

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi DjBraker,

Sorry can't think of the song you are searching for. Thanks for checking out my list and providing the suggestions. I'm not updating the list anymore, but happy for people to list suggestions. The Kadoc track is on the list. The Aly-Us track was on the list. The Planet Soul tune is an awesome tune too. ;)

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi Bobbyliqid,

Thanks I'll check them out.. Don't know some of them....

The Ayla track is actually a remix of the track Symmetry (C Mix) by Brainchild in 1993.

I love Flutlicht's style

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Nah. Its cool. Always glad to listen to some suggestions

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi BobbyLiquid...

Yeah I remember you... Thanks for the suggestions... Great Tunes... Thought Cosmic Baby was on the list... Might have to make some room for that classic track.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi enigmazach....

Yeah, I'm not too into Aussie Electro Pop/Rock even though I'm an Aussie. Except maybe Sneaky Sound System. I do have a remix of Kate Bush's Running up that hill by Infusion which I like.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Thanks wutang for your input, but I disagree with you that Pendulum is mediocre, particularly their Hold Your Colour album of 2005. I think it would be unfair to call things mediocre just because the music was popular and went mainstream.. And the Pendulum boys are from my hometown so I have a soft spot for them... From your recommendations you obviously prefer more underground IDM, Indy & experimental electronic music, so maybe this list just isn't for you. The list introduction quite clearly describes what my list is about & its limitations & is definitely aimed at the more mainstream, club-going individual.. ;)

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi DJ_1337,

Sorry, but I don't think I know the Original Version if it exists. I only know the Armin version.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Thanks Musicman8,

As you know my list isn't a list of all types of EDM (as stated in my introduction). I know there is a big likelihood I've missed some big tunes, but I'm not really updating my list any longer,. However, if you wish to mention 5 or so suggestions it will help other viewers of my list in checking them out.

BTW- I'm not sure what you mean by "clubbing time peak"... I don't think I've ever peaked... I've just been continuously clubbing since 1988. In fact I just spent the last 4 nights at nightclubs. But if there were periods that I have the fondest memories of.... it would be the Acid House, Techno & Breakbeat Hardcore Rave days of late 80s & early 90s and the Anthemic Trance days of the late 90s.

Anyhow, good luck with your list, its sounds like some work.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Hi Teberius,

Thanks for you interest in my list. Yeah, if you go through it you will find some great tunes.

I have both the Dee Dee and Lost Witness tunes. The Dee Dee one is a bit cheesy now, looking back. The 7 Colours (My First Rainbow) [Angelic Mix] is a great tune. Totally love it and brings back some good memories for me. It was in the list at one time, but made way for others that I thought more deserved to be in the list.

I have the Utah Saints dnb remix by Drumsound & Bassline in my collection. It is good but isn't a patch on the original 1991 track, which is listed at number 300 on this list.

On the other two tracks... I don't really like modern DnB... most of it is just hybrids of stuff that artists like High Contrast & Noisia were doing a while back, but the B-Complex tune is quite good.... and just to let you know... I really detest dubstep.... I'm very open to a lot of styles of music not just electronic, but I really think dubstep is retarded.

Anyway, go through the list and feel free to give more feedback. Hope you find some tracks you really love.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Sorry sberry, I got no idea

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