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My Favourite EDM Tracks released in 2012

Hell no! :D

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Top 400 trance tracks of all time

This is an awesome list! Some little know pre-2000 tracks you may want to check out:

LDC - Wir Schicken Dich Ins All (1991)
The Overlords - Sundown ([Sunshine And The 909 -] Babymix) (1991)
Sypposytyk Hypnozya - Meditation Circle (1991)
Sypposytyk Hypnozya - No Panic in the Storm (1991)
Trilithon - Synrise (1991)
D.I.D. - Orbital Walk/Alcyone (1992)
DJ Tandu & Trex - Beridox (1994)
The Overlords - God's Eye [on Goa] (Bionizer Remix) (1994)
Rubicon Massacre Ltd. - Hello Little Jam! (Original Mix) (1994)
Unreal - Replicants (1994)
Bassman & De La Ray - Stonehenge (Caucasus Mix) (1995)
Castle Trancelott - Indoctrinate (1995)
Mr.Oz & Larry Lush - Northern Lights (1995)
OXL - Listening Comprehension Test (1995)
Perfect Rainbow - Dream On Dreamer (1995)
Vana Imago - Tesi (1995)
Blue Alphabet - Genetic Trance (Ozonic Phylloxero Mix) (1996)
Greenforce - Sleepless (Zutsel Mix) (1996)
Razor's Edge - Sleepless (Troop Remix) (1996)
Rubicon Massacre Ltd. - The Lash (V 1.1) (1996)
Nüw Idol - Free (1997)
Palefield Mountain - Dream to Become (Main Mix) (1997)
Sian - Stronger Together (Andy Ling's Aryan Dub) (1997)
Terra Ferma - Lunar Sunrise (1997)
Mind vs. Buzz - The Temple of Love (Love Mix) (1998)
Musix - Do Ya See The Light? (1998)
Breeder - Rockstone (1999)

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My Favourite Old School Goa/Psytrance Tracks

Thaks! And it's not even completed! :)

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New School Goa Trance Discography

Thank you for the encouragement! Fortunately, there are more and more high quality releases every year. And hopefully more fans of goa trance too. Wow, you have a long list of lists. :)

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The best of Goa Trance - top artists, albums and tracks

I'm glad you liked my recommendations. As far as Mars Needs Women is concerned, I like the original remix on the maxi released in 1999 (duration: 8:25) the most. Forces of Technology can be found on The Best of Goa Trance (Jumpin' & Pumpin', 1998). Jumpin' & Pumpin' has "some really obscure" compilations, if you bump into one you should definitely check it out.
I have come upon a very good album lately, Lord Shiva - A Revolution in Music (2002). It is also a little-known goa trance release and has some great tracks you might want to listen to (my recommendations: Secret Horizons, Visions of Parvati, Spirits of the Real World).
It's a strange thing but I really enjoy quality darkpsy in partys but I refuse to listen to it at home for several reasons.

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Tracks/Albums I like from other genres

Hi karan! I'd like to recommend you a hungarian musician, Tamás Kátai whose projects I'm really fond of. Here are some songs from him you might find interesting:

Gire - Nádak, erek

Gire - Eocén Expressz

Thy Catafalque - Piroshátú

Thy Catafalque - Ûrhajók Makón

Tamás Kátai - Ázik az út

Tamás Kátai - Renoir Kertje

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The best of Goa Trance - top artists, albums and tracks

You're welcome. I hope you'll find some of my recommendations useful. If not that's OK with me then I'll have to come up with better ones next time. :)
Luckily we have some very good psy parties from time to time in Hungary, this I have to admit. Guess I love goa trance too much therefore I can hardly be fully satisfied with the present situation. Fortunately there are more and more signs of change.
Just a little correction: as far as I know Prana's track called Future Space Travellers is a collaboration between the Prana guys and Athena (a side project of Miranda Silvergren) so I think you should give her a credit for that.

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The best of Goa Trance - top artists, albums and tracks

Hi karan!
Your list is great, it helped me a lot when goa had its grip on me last year. I don't know if you've ever heard of Zirrex's album, Lost in Time, which is to be rereleased soon, but imo it should be included in your list as this album is absolutely fantastic and has everthing I love goa so much for! Big respect for listing Ubar Tmar. He's a genius for sure.
Unfortunately, in my country goa trance is among the least popular psy genres and have very few parties a year where you can listen to this wonderful music. I hope it's gonna change in the near future.

I also have a few favorites that you may consider including in your list:

Chi-A.D. - Sol-Ice
Brain Accent - Orange Acid
Bypass Unit - Shanti
Indoor - The Key
Indoor - Shiva
K.U.R.O. - Zoa (It has several versions. I prefer the original version that is on Japan EP (Spirit Zone Recordings, 1994). A slightly changed version can be found on K.U.R.O.'s debut album, Revolution (Tokyo Tekno Tribe, 1996) renamed as 'Gon 2'.
Masa - Beautiful People
Masaray - Time Traveler of Trance
Miranda - Steps to the Stars
Miranda - Mars Needs Women (Remix)
Rainbow Spirit & Sangeet - Sirius Shuttle
Rainbow Spirit - Prana
Ra - R.O.M.
Ree.K - Kage
Shamanic Tribes On Acid (Drugged to the Eyeballs, Extraterrestrial Lover, Omega Sunset)
Symbiotic - Forces of Technology

Keep up the good work with your other lists too! Best wishes from Hungary!

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