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My thoughts on Scaruffi's top 25

vu first album came out in 67...same year as sgt peppers and several months before
revolver really wasn't an experiment, bar tomorrow never knows which sounds like rejected jefferson aeroplane
sorry but it really really does
love it when people say "the beatles created the album"
erm dylan?
released several masterpieces before any of the beatles landmarks

1963 the freewheeling bob dylan

1965 highway 61 revisited

1966 blonde on blonde

and Frank Zappa openely lambasted sgt peppers calling it a cash in on the hippie scene
hence the album cover and name of we're only in it for the money

and tommy is far far more adventurous and complex than anythin the beatles couldve done

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

lol i was trying constructive criticism
i.e. being honest about the good and bad parts of your argument
the only reason your so angry is because im pointed out several times you have ripped off piero scaruffis list of best of
showing no personal opinion whatsoever
you can't review anything yourself because you can only think of how scaruffi would

you've only argued with scaruffi quotes about the music
obviously noone else has read his reviews!
a comment you put near the top was "whos scaruffi"

erm you call me a liar?
i havent lied i just havent quoted word for word scaruffi. Not even subtle
just a copy and paste job off his website

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

also the artwork is mine

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

afterhours i have created my own list
it is more personal opinion rather than an actual greatest ever
my greatest ever would differ i think
but have a read
the comments i have made were scruffily written i will update them soon

if your interested i will post a link to my own music
listen as you would to trout mask or any other challenging record
it is my music
its made from the soul
everything is produced and written myself
the tracks id advise listening to are the modernist, death is a tender flow, the unsync

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

my friend i may just do that!
not sure how to haha
help would be lovely
i think your reviews of the albums are really well written actually
i do think you should consider your own opinion a bit more
i respect the fact he introduced you to so many of these records that you feel to indebted to him to disagree
but your intelligent enough to voice your own views!
brilliant record choices though even if they are scaruffis

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

right seriously do you have a personal opinion
what you've displayed is no technical or musical knowledge of the music displayed on the records.
You've just written a series of Scaruffi quotes!
seeing as all your comments seem to be based around his thoughts i'll throw you one

He states Lester Bangs to be the greatest reviewer in rock and jazz history
Lester Bangs rates a kind of blue by miles davis as the greatest jazz record ever made... is it a more relevant opinion than Scaruffis? No but at least it's an opinion. I dont dispute the fact that you have probably listened to these albums in depth, but your reviewers are irrelevant because people may aswell just read scaruffi!

my comments to you after your reply were positive! You responded with base sarcasm and a strew of scaruffi quotes

Anyways i was going to inquire as to your opinion on my music and my list

peace out

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

shit i just read what you said
i didnt invent the point
the reason why he rates it the highest is because it is the most radical exploration of music jazz produced
the composition equals classic compositions because it is less improvisaton orientated
basically mingus proved that it is the instrumentation that defines the genre not the compostitional technique

he actually states a love supreme to be the masterpiece of jazz music
which i'd say is a much more plausible top dog than black saint
as there are so many flaws in it
listen to a kind of blue also
and bitches brew for superior jazz albums
anything by the duke or the monk

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

sorry to keep writing
but i have just this very minute received an email from domino records displaying interest
im to travel to london for a meeting

as you might expect i have jizzed in my pants im so excited haha

so the music on the page might be domino record property soon!

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

and btw im not saying your reviews arent good cause i actually quite like them!
but i preferred the listing before you changed them. Looked more scaruffi inspired than just copied

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

mate seriously
theirs 1 reviewer in the entire world (you not inclusive) who rates black saint and the sinner lady and a love supreme back to back

the only reason why some jazz critics rate black saint as the best ever is because it revolutionised jazz composition in the sense that it was less improvisation orientated.
so each songs were meticulously constructed. Im not saying it isnt incredibly powerful, but there are superior jazz albums
even scaruffi says so. Hes rated it top for its significance. A love supreme, a kind of blue, bitches brew, atlantis, any of ornette colemans works, blue train, uncle meat... all of them musically superior records.
before you question my opinions relevance i've just finished a 2 year course at cheetums training to become a concerto pianist. I've studied and performed music since the age of 6 (starting piano at the age of 2)
im attending guildhall in london next year. I also play guitar, and am going to attempt to become a music journalist and historian

my opinions differ from scaruffis immensely but i still see the relevance of his opinion, and yes my friend that is what it is. An opinion.

yes his reviews are scientifically so accurate in there disection but it doesnt make it any more personal taste than the next reviewer
a lot of other good reviewers of equal caliber are on the net
if your interested reply to this :)

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

you know exactly who he is having ripped off his entire "best ever" lists

he's the most important reviewer alive at the moment. Not the best ever...
Lester bangs is the top dog
i find Scaruffis jazz listing is not as favourable to my taste as his rock
his rock reviews are so relevant at the moment
they blow away every pre conceived notion created by magazines such as spin blender Q and nme

but yeah try developing your own taste and not ripping off someone else

and btw you've actually stated below
"my reviews are to say the least indebted to yours"

I can quote you on it lol

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