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Games I Have Finished

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was completed on regular and then veteran :) Not all the enemy intel has been found

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2009-2012 Listening Log

I think its "radiocontrolled robot" by the parlotones RSA

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Movies Seen (2010)

Schuks Tshabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa

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Batman or Superman?

I prefer Batman personally. The thing with superman is that there always has to be kryptonite in order for him to be overcome. Superman has far more strengths than weaknesses. Batman on the other hand has to deal with character flaws (especially the Bruce Wayne envisioned in Dark Knight) that make the character far more interesting to watch.

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Every Movie I've Seen in My Short Life

Thanks for the input. I will visit your site.

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Video Game Consoles Owned

You really do own a lot of consoles!! Which one is your favourite?

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Console Wars 2008 - Who's the Best?

Out of the list, I have only played games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. In my oppinion, Xbox 360 takes the cake. I have yet to explore Xbox 360 Live, but I've heard from friends its good.

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Console Wars 2008 - Who's the Best?

Sorry about the typo "oppinion" should be opinion.

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Animals I've seen in my country (minus birds, which have moved to a seperate list)

Thanks. Its just I couldn't picture from which
country your list is derived. Hope you well on your creature spotting!!

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Animals I've seen in my country (minus birds, which have moved to a seperate list)

Where do you live?

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The Complete Evidence for Evolution (in progress)

I find the following extract very apt :

"The second law of thermodynamics has been proven mathematically for thermodynamic systems, where entropy is defined in terms of heat divided by the absolute temperature. The second law is often applied to other situations, such as the complexity of life, or orderliness. [8] However it is incorrect to apply the second law of thermodynamics to any system that can subjectively be deemed "complex". In sciences such as biology and biochemistry the application of thermodynamics is well-established, e.g. biological thermodynamics. The general viewpoint on this subject is summarized well by biological thermodynamicist Donald Haynie; as he states: "Any theory claiming to describe how organisms originate and continue to exist by natural causes must be compatible with the first and second laws of thermodynamics." [9] This is very different, however, from the claim made by many creationists that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics. In fact, evidence indicates that biological systems and obviously the evolution of those systems conform to the second law, since although biological systems may become more ordered, the net increase in entropy for the entire universe is still positive as a result of evolution."

Source : www.wikipedia.org

Thanks for helping me clarify why 2nd law thermodynamics not applicable. I still want to find out what all the fuss is all about.

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The Complete Evidence for Evolution (in progress)

The "2 billion people" remark was actually used as a hyperbole (exaggeration). I did not look up the value. To correct myself in my stupid error, 852 million people will not have enough food to eat tonight, while 3 billion people live on under $ 2.5 a day.

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The Complete Evidence for Evolution (in progress)

Hi again. I am sorry I brought up old "garbage". I agree with evolution 100% in terms of the creation of sub species. My point is how did it all start and why we, as humans, have reached civilisation such a long time after obtaining our brain capacity. And also could you please explain the horse evolution for me as the sources that I read from are totally contradictory i.e. the number of ribs jump from x to y and back to x. I believe it is important that we debate these topics. The whole graveyard thing has to do with our philosophy as humans. I never said we're all unhappy, I said sometimes people are so stubborn they forget about everything else thats going on - evolutionists and creationists included. Evolution has a slight chance of remainig a theory for quite a long while until all of its questions are ironed out.

Abiogenesis is another law it contradicts. The second law of thermodynamics has nothing to do with it being a closed system or not it is the principle that complex organisms derived from chaos which evoltion disobeys. According to the theory it should be the other way round. And who designed the laws that chemistry, gravity and physical objects obey. I am not a creationist so please explain.

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The Complete Evidence for Evolution (in progress)

The way I see it evolution does make a lot of sense in terms of biogeography, genetic differences between species and the fossil record. The main question is how it all started and what caused the rapid changes in organisms over the past 200 or so million years. What I don't understand is how man has had the brain capacity to create civilisation for the past 100 000 years, yet civilisation is believed to have only started 10 000 years ago. Where was man for more than 90 % of the time.

Evolution may be thought of as a science in terms of its objectivity and methods, but it still contradicts several scientific as well as mathematical laws.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics - All systems tend to become chaotic. This should apply to evolution in its early stages. Why would random atoms, mainly Carbon and Hydrogen, come together to form organic chains which would fuel life. Why would they combine with nitrogen to form proteins?

The complexity of the human cell is mind boggling. There are certain mechanisms in the cell wall which resemble motors with rotors etc. Isaac Newton believed the eye to be one of the most complex parts of the human body and it is. A question he pondered was what caused the development of the eye. Think about a single celled organism. It has no perception of light or its closest wavelengths. I mean bacteria die when exposed to UV light which is fractionally higher in energy. You have this organism, in a sense, missing several dimensions of our reality, yet evolutionist believe it some how "discovered" this phenomenon and used it to its advantage. Its like humans suddenly becoming aware of the 7th dimension.

What I tend to think is that many people blind themselves from the facts as well as the truth. This statement is towards evolutionists and creationists and atheists for that matter. Life is something that must be cherished since we may only live onced, depending on your religion if you have one.

One comment that stirred me up the most, is that the graveyard is the richest place on earth. Why?!!!! Because it holds all the memories of people that did NOT live the life that they wanted. The graveyard is filled with songs that were never sung, books that were never written, voices that were never heard as well as people that may have never been loved. What makes me mad is that people will fight over trivial matters which, in the bigger picture, do not matter. 2 Billion men and women lay starving tonight hoping tomorrow will give them more strength. Man may never find out what REALLY happened, unless of course he discovers time travel - which many believe is impossible using the constraints humanity is given (lifespan, energy etc).

I believe it is important for everyone to express there views and respect other people's views. We will probably NEVER know the true story - perhaps life started when a string in dimension 11 decided to vibrate at a frequency of 78 0000000 Hz thus giving a group of atoms the WILL to survive. It is this "WILL to survive" that science may NEVER explain...

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Are Stereotypes Deserved?

You should go and see The Breakfast Club. It's a movie about stereotypes in society.

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