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Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists

1. If you think every Rage song sounded the same, you need to read some lyrics buddy.
2. Listen to some earlier RHCP stuff and you'll be amazed.
3. George Harrison was a great guitarist; he didn't stand out in a lot of Beatles songs because the style of rock back then wasn't like that. "And your bird can sing" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
4. Jack White deserves about maybe 30, I agree and Eddie Van Halen deserves much higher than 70 as well.
5. Brian May's fine where he is.
6. Eddie Hazel is in no way equal to Jimi
7. Keith Richards isn't terrible
8. As far as I'm concerned Kirk Hammett is untouchable. I'd put him at like 4 myself.

Some of you guys seem to know nothing about what you're saying. Being a good guitarist is NOT all about being a good soloist. It's about pioneering. That's why BB King, Kurt Cobain, Jonny Ramone, Jack White, George Harrison, Tom Morello, both Sonic Youth guitarists, etc. are ON here in the first place. I disagree with making a list of greatest guitarists in the first place because it's really impossible to compare older guitarists with new ones. Guitar style really has changed over the decades and what made one a good guitarist has as well. It's like comparing "pop" nowadays to what "pop" was in the 1700s. Now, pop to us is just pop. In the future when pop changes they will most likely have a name for it. Back then pop was what we call now classical music.

What makes some of these guitarists so good is the fact that they existed to push rock in our direction.

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Rolling Stone 100 Greatest Guitarists

its hard to say that a band is the best ever when nobody else has ever heard of them.

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