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Album Collection (Hip Hop/Rap)

Thanks man, not nearly as extensive as yours but I think it's still pretty good.

Do you have any suggestions that you think are necessary listening?

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2008 Films: Ranked

I'm glad to hear you liked it

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2008 Films: Ranked

I think Josh Peck is great as well. He turns in another good performance here to prove Mean Creek wasn't just a fluke. All the acting in this is great, even Method Man and Mary Kate Olsen in their little cameo roles.

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2008 Films: Ranked

For sure man, it was a really great coming-of-age story. Not many people have heard of it, let alone watched it. Be sure to let me know what you think when you do watch it.

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*Films Seen in 2009 - Final

I agree 100%, the only reason I didn't give it higher was, for me, I like to have some sort of lasting emotional effect. However, from and entertainment and technical standpoint Frost/Nixon was absolutely top class.

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*Films Seen in 2009 - Final

I can respect that. I can understand how Sam could be annoying but I am truly in love with Natalie Portman, and I found the lying thing kind of awkward and cute.
I agree with you on Zach Braff's character in the fact that he is a jerk but I still like him and end up routing for him in the end.
Like I said in my comments though, I just relate to this film completely.

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Top 100 of the '00s

Honestly, I thought it was absolutely incredible. I usually don't go see films in the theaters twice but I really want to watch this again ASAP.

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Movies Seen In 2009

I agree with CaptMal, I am very jealous you got to see The Wrestler as well. I have to wait at least another three weeks for it to come to a theater anywhere near me. Slumdog Millionaire was absolutely incredible. At the moment it is my second favorite of 2008.

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2007 Films: Ranked

I could not agree more

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Top 100 of the '00s

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it. You should clone it, I'd like to see what your list would look like.

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Aronofsky News

I heard he was doing a remake of robocop. Crazy. Kind of interested to see how that turns out.

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My Top 100 Favourite Movies Of All-Time

I really like your list. It's different than most that you will see out there and each one had a good analysis.

The only one on there that i would disagree with is The Vanishing. I thought the original French version was miles ahead of the American remake. The ending of the American version just feels tacked on so that the audience feels good about the bad guy losing in the end.

Besides that, great list.

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**Favourite Movie(s) of Every Year 1960-present

Hey man, we have a lot of the same taste in movies. Judging by your taste in comedies I was suprised not to see "Me and You and Everyone We Know" on the 2005 list. Have you ever seen it? If not, I highly recommend it.

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DVD Collection

For real man, "Never Scared", Dave Chappelle's "Killin' Them Softly" and Eddie Murphy "Raw" are my favorites.

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Top 100 of the 90s (Updated)

I totally agree with you on Lost Highway. I feel like a lot of people disregard it because it is so confusing but once you figure it out it is such a beautiful film.

I actually agree with you in that Seven is probably a better film but from a personal stand point I absolutely love Fight Club. First off all I am a huge Chuck Palahuniak fan and second of all I love Edward Norton. It is just my personal preference.

I actually have not seen JFK. I have been meaning to for the longest time and I have it saved on my DVR, I just haven't sat down and watched it.

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