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Books I Read in 2015


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Funniest Movies of All Time

Gotta be Robin Hood: Men in Tights for me or Austin Powers....

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2012 Crafty Projects


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Books I Read in 2011


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Books I've Read in 2010

OH yay, I'm glad you're keeping track! It's interesting to see how many books we read in a years time. (: <3

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Twitter Lists

JMJ697MN in Twitter

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My Bucket List

Yay for lists!

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Books I Read in 2008

Thanks! :)

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Books I Read in 2008

I didn't even realize that! :) I just love cozy mysteries, and it happens to be that mostly women write those.

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Books I Read in 2008

Nope. Just keeping track of what I read for a group I'm in. I've challenged myself to read 52 books this year.

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