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Album Log 2009

I actually pretty much feel the exact same way about those albums. Brown Sugar is just so easy to love right away, whereas Voodoo took a couple listens to really appreciate. And I think "dense and funky" is an excellent way to describe that album. :-P

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Album Log 2009

Glad to see you enjoyed both Doggystyle and Brown Sugar upon listening to each for the first time!

Now that you've heard both of D'Angelo's albums, which would you say you like more?

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Album Log 2009

I would have to agree. Muggs is one of the most underrated producers ever and his work on that album is crazy. Their second and third albums are great as well. Beyond that I haven't heard any other Cypress Hill albums all the way through.

I can also recommend a great album released last year from DJ Muggs & Planet Asia entitled Pain Language. Planet Asia has always been an impressive emcee and the beats bang. One of my favorite albums from last year for sure!

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Album Log 2009

Good call on AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted and One For All. 2 of the best hip hop albums ever!

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Best Albums of the 1990's

Co-sign on all those albums that Instrumental named, but if you're gonna listen to just one...Illmatic all the way. Quite possibly the greatest hip hop album of all time, both musically and lyrically. Nas has made quite a bit of quality material since then, but nothing else of his has ever (and probably never will) match the intensity of Illmatic.

Interestingly enough, one of the best verses (maybe even THE best verse) on the album isn't even by Nas, but by guest emcee AZ on "Life's A Bitch" (the only guest appearance on the album). AZ's verse is often dubbed by fans as the greatest verse in hip hop period. They might be right.

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Posters on My Walls


Nice set of posters, dude!

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When You Reach the Top You're On the Bottom - Another stab at this lyric quiz thing...

#44 is "Just Like A Baby" by Sly & The Family Stone, if I'm not mistaken.

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Album Log 2008

Word. Auto-Tune blows. I mean, it's at least tolerable if you only have a few songs using it. But an entire album? Getdafuckouttahere!

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Album Log 2008

I as well was disappointed with the new Kanye album. To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting much from it, since I knew beforehand it wasn't going to be anything like his previous work. But I thought maybe, just maybe Kanye would come through on the production side of things. He didn't.

You were a lot more generous with your rating than I was.

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Stretch Corleone's Ever-Growing Album Collection (Part 7: Club/Dance/Electronica/Freestyle/House/Techno/Trance)

It's been quite a while since I heard it, but I do remember enjoying it a lot. I've actually been meaning to dig it out again, so thanks for the reminder!

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Album Log 2008

Oh, and just an observation: how did that Cold War Kids album go from a A+ to a C+ in just over a month? I'm not at all familiar with the band, it's just something I noticed.

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Album Log 2008

Good call on Voodoo! D'Angelo is tragically underrated and that's one of my favorite albums ever.

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Album Log 2008

You should check out all the other Tribe albums too. The last one (The Love Movement) is rather disappointing compared to the others but is still a decent listen. My favorites are The Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders.

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Album Log 2008

Well, to each his own. For me personally, the album was a breath of fresh air for real and soulful hip hop. It took me back to the days of the old classic Tribe joints.

Just out of curiosity, do you tend to download new albums or do you actually go out and buy them?

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Album Log 2008

C+ for The Renaissance?!?!?! Come on man, that's gotta be the best hip hop album I've heard all year!

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