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Favorite Movies

Think you might appreciate this fellow.

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moving pictures with sound make happygoodnessfun

Yeah, I saw it with the Voices Of Light musicsoundtrackthang. I actually agree with you that it detracts from the emotion of the images, it's too much. It saturates it. It's like putting too much ketchup on a really good steak. I actually ended up listening to the Alina album by Arvo Part which works pretty well. Part's sparse style of compisition kinda suites it. . And I haven't seen Ordet! Although I will make sure to. Dreyer seems really fascinating to me. And Il buono is kinda the anomaly in this film. It's kinda the oppisite of Bresson, Ozu, Tarkovsky. There's is a very restrained, minimalist style of filming whereas Il Bruno is very much about bombast & cliche etc etc. And interesting comments on The Seventh Seal, I thought that about Persona...

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Corresponding Works of Art [MID REVISION]

The Doors, Seventh Seal by Bergman?

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Albums of 2010 (AKA, the year R. Stevie Moore became a hipster hero with the underground)

Because well, the album is so so so much better quality than that EP. The melodies are more mature, the handling of the 'noise' is better, it's also less lo-fi. The band is really going into something good. The thing about this how kinda genre, is that it mixes beautiful melodies with dissonant noise. And on that ground, this album is much better, brilliant in fact. I guess this is just my personal tastes coming in, I could see why someone could dismiss it easily, but it just makes me happy.

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Rock: The Greatest Albums

I guess that Eno cut is well, urhggggh, kinda the shadowy morning fog over the line between rational, logical 'great' & emotional, personal 'favorite'. Other Eno albums are proberly better to other people, and maybe they might be technically or emotionally better, whatever etc etc, I just. This album has meant a lot to me, and I'm not gonna get all airy-fairy-julian-clary but it did help through some pretty shitty moments and so I guess that is a biased choice, but when it comes to 'greatest/favorite/most wonderful' style list making, show me an unbiased list?? Isn't that actual process of making a list upon tastes, intrinsically biased by personal opinion? Isn't that the point of this kinda list? So yeaaaah, I can see what you meaan by your capitals letters (presumably denoting shock, surprise, anger, depression?).

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Album rankings of 2009

Wha? Justin Vernon doesn't wish he was The Books. Collection Of Colonies Of Bees wish they were The Books. It's more a COCOB feat Justin Vernon than the otherway round.

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Men's Fashion Links

I have to say, you have great vocal tonality in this.

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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2010

Count me in babe.

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Film Log, '10

It most certainly is about all those things, and I normally love films which have multiple meaning & subjects. But this one, I don't know. It came out more a brown, sticky mess of molded colours rather than a Cy Twombly painting if that makes sense. And I watched Persona a long time ago, I need a re watch of that.

And yeah, well. I knew there was a murder & a rape scene. But I didn't realise how realistic & how brutal it was going to be.

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Top 50 Electronic Music Albums Of 2000's

Confield at number one, ahhh, great minds.

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Most Enjoyable Rock Albums

Some of the songs on Can's Ege Bamyasi. Most of Kraftwerk's stuff, especially their well known albums & songs. La Düsseldorf is a good band for more poppy stuff, formed from Neu!'s ashes. David Bowie's Heroes & Low is quite krautrock.

The end of Miss Fortune, it has an acoustic guitar. The hippies will like that.

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My Favourite Rock Albums

If my thought-dreams could be seen, they'd probably put my head in a guillotine.

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Best Movies of the Decade, 2000-2009

Yeah, but he gives Hero an 8.0. That makes up for it.

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My Favourite Rock Albums

You're so top 40, trend whore.

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Men's Fashion Links

A girl once pissed into my mouth. I then orgasmed into her kidney. She failed to see the irony.

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