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Albums of 2011

I can't stres how good this is. Definatly the track of the year so far. Just utterly hypnotic.

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Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: The Immortals

"If you honestly can't see the trend rock was enduring in the 80s, with bands like I already pointed out, such as The Police, The Cars, R.E.M., Prince -- there is a VERY thin line between these bands and people like Madonna and MJ -- also known as "pop" music."

A comment like that makes me seriously doubt your PHD. Firstly, The Police, The Cars, R.E.M & Prince are all very different groups. R.E.M musically was one of the founders of alternative rock (which went on to have a seminal influence on Kurt0, building on the innovations that The Feelies made, and the jangly style of The Byrds. The Police fusing reggae music with rock. Prince was a person fusing together R&B, funk, soul, rock & pop. They're all very different bands.

Madonna was an artist commercialising disco into a more acceptable sound rather than the transexual, androgynous, sexual music of original disco. MJ was like you said, the King of Pop who was incredibaly talented melodically.

And even so, this has nothing to do with Nirvana as being a great band. I really love Nirvana, In Utero & Unplugged are 2 of my favorite albums. But they didn't save rock. Far from it. Rock didn't need saving. Nirvana were just another band in an incredibly brilliant time for rock music. They just happened to become world famous through labels commercialising grunge music after they realised it could be a pretty big fad.

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Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: The Immortals

Hey, I'm sorry to budge but rock music in the 80s was far from pop and far far from dead. Acts like the Pixies, Big Black, Husker Du, Minutemen, Sonic Youth, The Replacements, The Fall, Nick Cave, Butthole Surfers etc. Read a book on music history dude. Some of these groups had a massive infuence on grunge (although it's safe to assume the creator of grunge was Neil Young), Kurt specifically. Just check out his favorite albums list. Nirvana didn't 'save' rock. Rock didn't need to be saved. Nirvana were just a good, decent band who became majorly famous.

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Greatest Producers/Engineers/Mixers!

Steve Albini???

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Goodbye, Don Van Vliet


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Favorite Music [archived]

The Roots' is a fine album. Odd Future have been putting out some real good stuff. Earl Sweatshirt's 'Earl' & Tyler, The Creator's 'Bastard' albums are seriously exciting stuff. Big Boi's stuff was good. Big K.R.I.T. Shabazz Palaces. Curren$y. Jay Electronica has been putting out some good stuff. And even hip hop inspired stuff like Salem has been good. It's been such a good year for hip hop. It seems like hip hop is entering a new wave.

This also reminds me to listen to Pilot Talk II.

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Favorite Music [archived]

Dark Fantasy was the first thing that made me think it was something special (being the first track of the album and all). The updated Power version has been improved so much since the original. What I'm most impressed with, it's that all the little sounds seem to be exactly right. Everything has it's right place. Monster (nicki minaj's whole verse & 'i put the pussy in the sarcophagus'. Runaway, Blame Game, Lost In The World, Gorgeous etc...

Yeezy's rapping has improved greatly his well. Not only his words, but his phrasing & accents. One thing I remember I loved was when he said on Power, 'How's ye doing, I'm suriving. I was drinking earlier, now I'm driving'. The guest spots are particularly sweet as well. Raekwon's on Gorgeous, obviously Nicki on Monster. Chris Rock actually does something worthwhile with his fucking life on Blame Game. And Bon Iver was just a perfect choice by Ye for this album.

And yeah, I've been listening to them every week. I tried to catch up with all of them yesterday to try and hit up my Kanye fix. I really like Lord, Lord, Lord. But I haven't listened to them as religiously as his album yet, except for Monster.

I'm not so great at writing, but I hope I've got my point across that this is a fucking brilliant album.

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Favorite Music [archived]

Yes at MBDTF!!! It's the best new music I've heard in a long long time. It's pure Kanye in music form. His ego, arrogance & brilliance.

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Albums of 2010 (AKA, the year R. Stevie Moore became a hipster hero with the underground)

My favorite track of the year so far

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Greatest Music Works of All Time (ARCHIVED ... NOTHING NEW TO SEE)

Yeah, I don't know if I count as a Scaruffist (you tell me?), but his peice of Astral Weeks is one of the most beautiful critical music essays I've ever read. His peice of James Chance and the No wave seen is just as inspiring.

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Greatest Music Works of All Time (ARCHIVED ... NOTHING NEW TO SEE)

Shut up.

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Greatest Guitarists!

On the Bob Dylan thing, The Tallest Man On Earth is what he'd be like if he was a more talented guitarist and a less talented songsmith.

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Music Log '10

Yeah I listened to it as soon as it came out. I think it's a good release but I don't think it's an improvement over what they've done before. It's pretty standard AC. And by no means is that bad, I hold AC as highly as you, it's average for them (which makes it better than most of the stuff released). Panda Bear's new stuff seems more promising.

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Albums of 2010 (AKA, the year R. Stevie Moore became a hipster hero with the underground)


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Album rankings of 2010

I totally agree with you on that Beach House cut! I was bored iut of my fucking mind listening to it. And I'm actually a real fan of dream pop/indie folk style music but this was just ridiculous. I can't understand the 'hype' around this album. Maybe cos it's called Teen Dream. Is this some post-ironic-modern take on 'uncool' nostalgia making being 'uncool' 'cool'? Much like this chillwave-hypnagogia pop-hauntafuckingcatology that's been going round. But I like that music. I disliked Teen Dream. Maybe I'm just dick.

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