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The Fifty Best Films of the Decade

Excellent list, and I can honestly say I have seen every single one on it. My own top 50 only contains 7 of yours, but I might be more of an elitist snob. My #1 is In The Mood For Love, I just prefer the simplicity of it compared to 2046 which can sometimes drag unless you're completely devoted to it.

The 7 you have that made my list:

2046 (#14 on mine)
Before Sunset (#6 on mine)
The New World (#7 on mine)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (#2 on mine)
In The Mood For Love (#1 on mine)
There Will Be Blood (#16 on mine)
Memento (#31 on mine)

I don't have my posted on Listology, but it is on Flixster - not sure if this link will work:


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Favorite Lead Performances of the 2000s w/ comments! (in progress)

2 more outstanding performances from this decade to recommend:

Romain Duris - Paul - Dans Paris (2006)

Mads Mikkelson - Jacob Pederson - After the Wedding (2006)

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Best Films of the 2000's & 2010's

I recommend 'In the Mood For Love' as the top film of the decade, and only film I would give a 10/10 to. However, Wong Kar-Wai is not everyone's cup of tea, and I would recommend seeing Chungking Express (1994) or even the sequel to 'Mood' , '2046' before taking on his masterpiece - In The Mood For Love.

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Favorite Lead Performances of the 2000s w/ comments! (in progress)

Hi There,

I just wanted to list 3 performances that are glaringly missing from your list:

1. Tony Leung Chui Wai - Chow Wo-man - In The Mood For Love (2000)

2. Olivier Gourmet - Olivier - The Son (2002)

3. Joseph Gordon Levitt - Mysterious Skin (2004)

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[Personal] Favorite Movies: All Time

Hey Sturm, I finally found you on here. I would bump up Pulp Fiction and Eternal Sunshine if I were you, I like those 2 the most, but Clockwork and Terminator and to a lessor extent I hold City of God in high regard. Anyway, you should see my 25 of each year lists to see all the films no one has ever heard of that I think are excellent

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Top 10 Action/Adventure Movies of the 00s

Ok list, but I would include District B13 as one of the top action films of the 00s.

Also, you have as a runner up The Departed, but you do not include the movie that it was a remake of:

Infernal Affairs (d. by Wai-Keung Lau and Sui Fai Mak, 2002)

which was a far superior film to that Scorsese piece of trash - imo

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Top 10 Horror/Suspense Movies of the 00s

You are totally missing from this list:

The Descent (d. by Neil Marshall, 2005)

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