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Top 400 trance tracks of all time

I am from Toronto Canada and have been into trance for many many years now. I started listening to Gary Numan in 1979, the godfather of electronica.. Anyway, there are so many forms of music out there, most of it crap, or you need to be on E to try to enjoy them. I personally love the synth lines and the anthem's, perhaps it reminds me of all those great newwave bands like OMD. I'm shocked that no one ever has mentioned "Futurepop" or "EBM", which has many elements of this music. The Kings are VNV NATION, you may want to check them out. I am on Soulseek and have the most extensive listing of music on the server.
My fav trance songs are:
The Quest
I think the list's that you have created over the years have been a great benefit to many people, myself included.
Should you or anyone have any questions regarding Futurepop/EBM/Industrial or trance, I am more than willing to assist anyone. I'm glad you made out ok with all your troubles in the past.
Contact me reno98@rogers.com
Keep up the great work and thank you
The Minister

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