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Listology Movie-meter (08/03/2009): Finally updated!

1.12 Angry Men ***1/2
2.2001: A Space Odyssey ****
4.The 39 Steps (second verson) ***
7.Airplane **
10.Alien ***
15.Amadeus ****
19.Annie Hall ****
20.The Apartment ***1/2
21.Apocalyspe Now ***1/2
28.A Beautiful Mind **1/2
33.The Birds *
34.Blade Runner (zero stars)
41.The Bridge on the River Kwai ***
45.Casablanca ***1/2
49.Chinatown ****
52.Citizen Kane ***1/2
54.Close Encounters of the Third Kind ****
59.The Conversation **1/2
64.The Day the Earth Stood Still ****
66.Dead Poets Society ***
69.The Deer Hunter ***1/2
72.Dog Day Afternoon ***1/2
75.Do the Right Thing ***
77.Dr. Strangelove ****
80.Easy Rider ***
87.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ***
92.Fargo ***
93.Fight Club ***
95.A Fish Called Wanda ***
97.Forrest Gump ****
100.The General (1927) ****
101.Ghostbusters ***
104.The Godfather ****
105.The Godfather, Part II ****
108.Goodfellas **
109.The Good, the Bad and the Ugly ***
110.The Graduate ***
113.Groundhog Day ***
116.Heat **
118.The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (zero stars)
122.If... *
130.Jaws ***1/2
132.Jurassic Park ***
136.The King of Comedy **
137.L.A. Confidential **
140.Lawrence of Arabia ****
145.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ***1/2
146.The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ***1/2
147.The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ***1/2
149.Magnolia *
150.The Manchurian Candidate (1962) **1/2
156.Midnight Cowboy ***
157.Million Dollar Baby ***
159.Mulholland Dr. ***
165.The Night of the Hunter ***
173.One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ****
174.On the Waterfront ****
176.The Passion of the Christ ***
177.Paths of Glory ***1/2
180.The Pianist ***
183.Platoon ***1/2
188.Psycho ***1/2
189.Pulp Fiction ****
192.Raiders of the Lost Ark **1/2
194.Raising Arizona *
195.Rashomon *1/2
198.Rear Window ***1/2
199.Rebecca ****
202.Requiem for a Dream ***
203.Reservoir Dogs ****
210.Saving Private Ryan ***1/2
212.Scent of a Woman ***
213.Schindler's List ***1/2
217.The Shawshank Redemption ****
218.The Shining **1/2
220.The Silence of the Lambs ***1/2
221.The Sixth Sense ***
231.Taxi Driver ***
232.The Terminator **1/2
233.Terminator 2: Judgement Day **1/2
238.The Third Man ****
239.Titanic (1997) ***
240.To Kill a Mockingbird ***1/2
242.Trainspotting ***1/2
244.The Truman Show ***
245.Unforgiven **1/2
246.The Untouchables ***1/2
247.The Usual Suspects ****
248.Vertigo ****
253.West Side Story ***
257.Young Frankenstein ****

some of my own

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ****
L'Atalante *
La Grande Illusion ****
The Rules of the Game ****
The Magnificent Ambersons **
Sunset Blvd. ***
The Seven Samurai ***1/2
The Searchers ***1/2
Touch of Evil ***
Ben-Hur (1959) ****
8 1/2 ***
Cool Hand Luke ***1/2
French Connection ***1/2
Badlands ***1/2
Barry Lyndon **1/2
Being There ****
Fitzcarraldo ****
Brazil ****
Full Metal Jacket ****
Boyz N The Hood ****
The Crying Game **

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Quiz: 53 extracts, but from which books are they? (STILL 11 to guess!!!)

17, ambassadors?

7/22/2009 View
Cast The Vote For The Greatest Film

its tough to vote when the greatest movie isnt even nominated - lawrence of arabia

8/7/2008 View
Poll: Best Novel Ever? YOU make the suggestions!

Gravity's Rainbow - thomas pynchon
Ulysses - james joyce
moby dick - herman melville
molly; malone dies; the unnameable - samuel beckett
on the roard - jack kerouac
the stranger - albert camus
the recognitions - willaim gaddis

i vote for ulysses

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Your Favorite Military Drama

i liked full metal jacket the best because of both it's simplicity and realism. it is one of the most accurate interpretations of the vietnam war, which seemed to procure some obscure movies (ya Apocalypse is great, but no way in hell it's realistic).

11/1/2007 View
(What I Currently Think Are) The Greatest Films of All Time

try watching Ben-Hur. You seem to be into more action movies so I would recommen that. I believe it was from 1959, but that doesn't mean there isn't any action in it. There is an infamous seen where a chariot runs over a couple people...which at that time produced some rather grusome corpses. In that same scene Charelton Heston did actually partialy fall of his own chariot and git hit by another one, which wasn't planned but they kept it in anyway. You'd probably also like Lawrence of Arabia, North by Northwest, Patton, oh and I have to recommend one of my favorites Full Metal Jacket.

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Every Movie I've Ever Seen

Did you write them all down once you saw them... How have you compiled the list?

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(What I Currently Think Are) The Greatest Films of All Time

you need to see some more classics

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David Pringle's Best 100 Science Fiction Novels

wheres ubik?!?!?!

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# 97: The 100 Greatest Actors and Actresses of All Time

Gable should be higher just because of his performance in Gone With the Wind.

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Albums ranked: the 70s

Wow...what do you have against led zeppelin. I thought at least two or three would be above 90%.

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a problem with reading too much

just keep reading

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Albums ranked: the 70s

There's a lot of zep deep tracks that are much better than STH, check em out.

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0027: 20 Great Rock Compilations

sry i was thinkning this Substance since it's a compilation as well by a band with very similar ties.

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Books Read All Time

no catch 22?

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