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1001 (+) Books You Must Read Before You Die (What I Have Read ... So Far)

I guess as you know about the list, you're aware of the 1001 Books spreadsheet and have a copy of the new v4 edition, right? If not, head over to the spreadsheet page on Arukiyomi.

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"1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"

pop-splat ain't on the list... this comment is bogus...

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"1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"

hey all... been following some of the more recent comments. Firstly, ukaunz's list here is from the original 1st edition of the list published in 2006. Many of the concerns some of you have voiced that the list is biased to WASP writers were dealt with in the 2008 release when 282 of these books were replaced to make it more authoritative of world literature.

In March 2010, a third edition was released. 11 books were added/removed, all published in the last 2 years.

ukaunz was my inspiration: from the list here, I created a spreadsheet to help you track your progress with the list. This has been downloaded well over 40,000 times!

In late March 2010, I released a brand new v4 of this spreadsheet to coincide with the 3rd edition of the book. To get yours, head to http://johnandsheena.co.uk/books/?page_id=1806

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"1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"

you can download the automated spreadsheet for recording progress with these books at
Arukiyomi's blog

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