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0007: Bob Dylan's Best Songs

Visions of Johanna as first on the list.. Before I opened this page I was thinking, 'will he even put it on his top ten?'.

I really have a hard time ranking songs and stuff (best, favorite, greatest, I could only go for much more specific criteria). Anyway, nice to see it up there.

I agree with the rest of the list, but I would find a way of getting Highway 61 in there... It is, by almost any standard, one of his top ten best songs.

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Rolling Stone: 100 Greatest Artists of All Time: The Immortals

Seconded. No Pink Floyd, no Queen? LOLOL
Miles Davis on the list? #88?
Where's Tom Waits? Is Art Tatum here?

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One Country/One Director

No Portugal? ;) Try Manoel de Oliveira, maybe. He's 100 years old, still alive and shooting!
By the way, Meirelles from Brazil, but "City of God" much better than "Constant Gardener" much better than "Blindness".
(Anyway, my own ratio portuguese/foreign movies has to be less than 1/40...)

Also, are you picking first the director and then choose one of his (random?) movies, or you pick the movie which happens to be directed by someone. Just curious.

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One Country/One Book

Now, now... again no Portugal? Or Brazil? ;) We're 6th in native speakers...

I guess you will like:
Fernando Pessoa, The Book Of Disquiet. (very interesting literary persona)
José Saramago, Blindness. (please do not watch the movie, at least before reading the book)
Jorge Amado, Dona Flor and her Two Husbands. (please stay away from Paulo Coelho)

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A mix of classic trance

Great idea! I know nothing of trance, but would like to start listening to some.
Meanwhile, there's something wrong with this link (the other lessons were fine). Thanks.

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The Greatest Albums of All Time (according to me)

Nice list. I have yet to listen to half of your list, but relying on the other half, I'll look into it real soon.
By the way, The Stooges' Fun House is definitely missing here (your Beatles inverse argument..).

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Every single way to say "Goodbye"

Amazing list! Real cool idea.

i'm portuguese and i'd like to suggest some i think are really missing... ;)

Até logo! (smthing like.. Until later, Bis später)
Abraço. (Hug. We use that word a lot)
Beijinhos. (Kisses. that's also of daily usage)
Fica bem. (Stay well)

Hasta la pasta. (it's spanish and we use as a funny version of hasta luego ;)
Valle! (every spanish uses this at least twice a day, for sure)
Móin, móin! (i had this German teacher, from northern germany, he taught me this one, it's local for Tschüs!)

Speaking of farewells, once i was with a german friend, when my mom called me on the mobile, and when i hung up, my friend was very amused because he noticed that i had said something like 4 different goodbyes! LOL and that's very common by us. We don't just say bye.
A very typical farewell on the phone would be: "Xau, beijinhos, adeus" or "Vá, abraço, fica bem, até amanhã"...

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Films Seen by Director

finally someone to rank MASH a 0. i had such expectations, never never was i so desappointed. i saw the film like 2 in the morning on my laptop and was trying to understand if that really was the movie i had heard of. anyway... gosford park is great.
iwo jima perhaps some stars up? that man is really aging like a genius

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When is your birthday (only month and day)? (Just for fun)


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Which are your initials? (Just for fun)


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