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You are not a "techno" fan. Shut up.

I don't even use the word "techno." For some reason I think of heppy things when I think of techno. Also, "electronica" is too complex a genre, with all its subgenres, to be blanketed by the term "techno."

Now, to be honest some "DDR" music is actually good. To FULLY APPRECIATE this music, however, you have to trace most of it back to Beatmania II DX, and then find the longer versions on the Konami produced soundtracks, or the full versions on the individual artists' CDs. In fact, Dj TAKA's music is very good.

Also, you have to appreciate a lot of videogame electronica. Metroid, Half-Life 2, and some other dark videogame music is always fun.

If want good Darude music, he's got a lot that's much better than Sandstorm. Sandstorm, although okay IMHO, has been beaten down and overplayed.

However, your list is almost completely mainstream electronica. I would agree with you that if all you played was the above tracks, then yes you would be a hypocritical electronica fan, however that is not to say an electronica listener would NOT listen to the above tracks (and I understand you didn't say they didn't, I just feel I should bring it up.) I have over 5,000 tracks of electronica on my PC, and interestingly, they include all of the tracks listed above (sans a lot of the DDR stuff!!! Some of it really is not very good, although a lot of it can be).

If I had to explain to someone who did not listen to electronic music what it was, I would probably use sandstorm as an example, unfortunately, because that's what they would be familiar with!!! From there they might download music off the internet, and of course they would find these most common mainstream songs! They might download 20 or so common tracks, find they like them, and call themself a "fan." At that point you have to bear with them. They fit your stereotype at that point. However, if they are TRULY fans, they will crave for more, and search deeper, and find more than just techno, but also Drum and Bass, Acid, Trance, Techno Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Jungle, Breakbeat, Rave, Epic Techno, Dance, Noise, Fusion, Ambient, and other subgenres!!!

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Trance songs I Don't Like

It's just a good thing you don't have Cosmic Gate in your list. Just more support that Cosmic Gate is the best trance group evar!!! lol.

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