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Albums of 2009 (AKA, the year indie electronic became overground and being a hippy became cool again)

Blood Bank was 2008...Fun album though.

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The Vampire Rodents - Lullaby Land [Review]

I am so glad at your reaction! I'm glad to have enlightened you of its prescence.

I know it's awful, without Scaruffi this album would practically have no exposure on the internet. :(

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Best Composers (All Genres) Of All Time

Woah! WOAH! Dude those names are new to me.

Peter Gabriel is in there (learn to read)
I don't like the music of most of the people you named, particularly the first two (SHOCK)

The funny thing is, at least I've heard of them. I'd be surprised if you'd heard Lullaby Land or Twin Infinitives

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New Album Log, 25th April 2009 Onwards

Nice, I'm really glad others are enjoying it (I've spoken off-listology about it with Menindrag too) as well as me. It really takes you on an aural journey rather than just a simple song. To many it may seem like obnoxious noise but that is only a superficial difficulty barrier.

Hope you'll enjoy others on here if you choose to download them!

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New Album Log, 25th April 2009 Onwards

Thank you for your kind words. (:

I highly recommend San Sheng Shi seeing as you love Aglaia, it's slightly more intense but seeing as you cracked Faust it shouldn't be a problem.

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

Dude give it a rest and stop hassling AfterHours.
Also, please learn to capitalise and write proper English.

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Best Composers (All Genres) Of All Time

I now believe he created an 8.5, an 8.0, at least two or three other 7.5s and several pieces which are just masterworks. Also, his composition is flawless.

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Best Albums of The 00s So Far (lots to add)

The number of 7.5's shows the huge difference between that and an 8.0; the former is still a brilliant album, well worth listening to and basically a masterpiece - but 8.0's are just that extra leap in greatness (hence their rarity). As for Ys, another league all together. =)

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My Favourite Rock Albums

Why does Video Game music suck so badly now? It used to be of this ridiculous profundity:

1 & 2 (let the second video play for 25 seconds, and then enjoy heaven)

NB: Holy shit! Ninja Gaiden rules

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Best Rock Albums Ever (according to me)

Any idea on your favourite tracks nowadays Luke? Also, is your 2009 listening log a true reflection on all you've listened to this year? =o

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Reading Log, 2009

Nice quote! Less succinct than the Stravinsky but certainly more complete (:

The Trial is brilliant (both as text and on film), the cinematic version having Welles' genius finesse and style that the text sometimes lacks, but the allegory of the cave is more full and properly explained in the book. Both are brilliant and I recommend both!

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Best Rock Albums Ever (according to me)

Haha, I can picture the scene! I really like Master of Puppets and Kill Em All, I think that Dream Theater aren't quite as good, but Petrucci is amazing.

Indeed, Salome is beautiful =) Not a fan of opera then?

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Best Rock Albums Ever (according to me)

Hey Luke, still like Metallica? They have to be one of my favourite bands at the moment. I love Four Horseman, Disposable Heros and Sanitarium.

I'm also interested to know your opinion of Salome by Strauss?

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AJ's Daily Rut

School is worse than this, and I wake at seven :P

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Best Composers (All Genres) Of All Time

I love Tangerine Dream, they even did an 8.5 (Zeit) and Oxygene is a high 7.5. I also like E2-E4 and some others from that era, they're just not to this standard. At the moment I'm mostly just discovering metal.

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