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4 Easy steps to a Number One Emo-pop Radio Hit!

HAHAHA!! Great stuff!! lmao :D

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Best Trance Music of 2003

Lol, I think it's too late bro....he's gone .... there's nothing we can do now, lets move on to someone we can save...

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A List of The Most Cheesy Songs Ever (work in progress)

Please... for the love of God....LET HIM LIVE!!!

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A List of The Most Cheesy Songs Ever (work in progress)

Lol.... you have been warned!!

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A List of The Most Cheesy Songs Ever (work in progress)

Can't answer that one......but Dragostei Din Tei was actually a huge European hit, I'm sure you've probably already heard it but tbh I wouldn't be surprised if you've had to be brainwashed just to get the damn thing out of your head....lol it really is one of those songs... I f*ckin hate it. Honestly, it's cheese in a packet.(if u really haven't actually heard it, you're a lucky guy)

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Darktremor's Comic Routines

You wouldn't understand, I just got the craziest image in my head.. just picturing that. lol :P.

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Darktremor's Comic Routines

"As a matter of fact, I was so ugly, my mom used to feed me with a slingshot". ROFL!!! :) That is some classic!! I can just picture that...LOL!! *dies of over-excitement*

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Darktremor's current top 10 songs or albums

This list will get pretty big then, considering the amount of songs you get through.

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Random snippets from my silent holiday in Dublin

Dublin's a crazy place if you don't know where you're going. lol. Where did you visit BTW?

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Worst trance song of all time

OMG... Someone didn't vote for Crazy Frog!! Shame on you..

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Games Played: 2005

I sent it.. hopefully you got it. I'll add you to my contacts as soon as I get your reply.

Talk to ya later :)

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Worst trance song of all time

Worse still..... the people who spend good money to download this.

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Games Played: 2005

Yeah, it's just that I've been playing Goldeneye alot lately (on my p.c. that is). It really is nice to play this game again and even today is still great to play. In fact, it brings a new dimension playing it using the keyboard and mouse to move and look around, playing in 32 bit colour, proper stereo and even online play.

I can't really say my favourite because it's hard to compare say Halo to Tetris but a few of my faves are: Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy series, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, Mario 64, Halo, Project Gotham Racing 1/2, Doom, Forza Motorsport, Pro Evo series, C&C, Unreal Tournament series and GTA III to name a few. Btw do you have an msn messenger account?

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Games Played: 2005

Did you only play Goldeneye this year?... Legendary game.

Why not arrange these in order from best to worse? And what's your all time favourite game btw?

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A List of The Most Cheesy Songs Ever (work in progress)

Where's O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei?

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