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Best Trance Music of All Time

Minimal techno, Experimental electronic, power electronics, ambient alvays beat trance ! Trance alvays sounds cheesy ! There's only good trance songs, no albums !! and true music lovers listen to ALBUMS, no songs /: !!

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Songs that should be at least two hours long

Totally agree with stars of the lid- requiem for dying mothers part 2 !!

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The New Critical Underground Guide to Albums of 2001

If you liked even a little bit from Pan Sonic- Aaltopiiri, i recommend you to listen their latest work-Kesto ! 4 cd's of new material and every cd is pretty different from each other.. I think it's really their best album

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New Release Albums: 2005

Really love Eels- blinking lights.. though some weak parts like " going fetal " or " Hey man ( now you're really living) I haven't heard any other albums from him, which album should i listen next from them ?

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Top 20 trance mixes of all time

this is pretty usefull list, many trance albums seem to have the problem that they are not good as a whole album and there are too much bad tracks. downloaded james holden- balance 005 couple days ago and i can really listen that from start to end and enjoy pretty much all of the tracks. i have to check out more of these mixes. thanks for the list !

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Every band and musical artist Darktremor likes

i do only pointless lists. the good point is that it's nice to do them

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Darktremor's current top 10 songs or albums

just listened biosphere- dropsonde. very intresting. geir jensen likes to surprise people, and i like that. pretty short bechouse it's EP but really good.

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Best Ambient music of all time

some recommedations.
Lull- cold summer
sleep research facility- nostromo
loscil- submers or first narrows

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Top 25 Led Zeppelin Songs

nice list

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Best Albums By Band

i love joy division- closer, though unknown pleasures is also really good. have you heard other albums from king crimson. thrak is a good album but i think they have much more better albums than thrak like pover to believe, in the court of the crimson king or lark's tongues in aspic

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Best Ambient music of all time

radio amor is amazing album, so much noise but still so qiuet and relaxing, i have to check out some other albums from him

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Best Album of 1971

pawn hearts gets my vote. jethro tull-aqualung is also really really good

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0016: The 50 Best Artists Working

godspeed you black emperor is fantastic. especially lift your skinny fists like antennas to heaven

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Best Ambient music of all time

yeah, i understand what you mean

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0012. Over-Rated Artists

led zep and pink floyd are amazing, but i agree they really are over-rated

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