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A list of all Cliches

>sigh< That cliche reminds me of the hugest of all cliches in movies.

How about how right before the villan starts his final huge kill-everyone armageddon thing, the main man and the main woman have hot erotic sex,
on the first date, and the woman turns out to have voluptuous ridiculously huge bosoms(which before appeared to be only avocado sized), and the man has a real buff chest(Even if he has no athletic ability)

There's also cliche morals,
like 'crime doesn't pay'
or 'you'll fall in love one day, and it'll be with that horrible girl who pulls down your pants in public places and throws cottage cheese at you.'

or 'accept peoples differences'
and(I put the 'and' here on purpose.)
'Canadians are weirdoes who do not belong in the u.s.'
(in cartoons, they always seem to be in eps right beside each other!!!!!)

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