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Tarantino 2010

I think it's a genuine list. You could tell he chose movies he enjoyed. I don't think Tarantino would consider himself refined anyway. In fact, I think he'd deplore it.

However, I personally love his list, so I'm biased in defending him.

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1001 Books You Have to Read Before You Die

I really haven't disliked any of the books I've read on this list. However, I have an affinity for Toni Morrison. I love everything about her writing. The mood she evokes, her stream-of-conscious and the subtle-yet-profound comments on racism and humanity. Beloved is my favorite book of all time.

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1001 movies to see - 5 editions combined (equals 1068)

Just so you know, Der Untergang and Downfall (both from 2004) are the same thing. So there's a double.

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Worst Film Endings (Under Construction)

I agree with you about A.I. It's a shame, because, as cliché as it is, I'm a fan of Spielberg. But he did screw it up.

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Viewing Log: 2008 (with ratings)

I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that thought poorly of Shoot 'Em Up. I actually gave up after the first half-hour, which I NEVER do. Oh well!

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Movie Reviews-January 2008

Because I'm slightly dyslexic I read "The Orphic Trilogy" as "The Oprah Trilogy." I was concerned for a split second. But I'm glad you gave "The Orphic Trilogy" a good rating. I'll have to check it out.

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FANGORIA's 101 Best Horror Movies You've Never Seen

The Vanishing: awesome. One of my favorite movies ever.

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Most Viewed Dirctors

Well I'll definitely check 8mm out. I'm pumped to watch The Collector though. I just read the synopsis on IMDB. It sounds so interesting and progressive for its time.

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Most Viewed Dirctors

Awesome! I'm not the biggest fan of Nicolas Cage, but I'll give it a go. I'm all for Wyler though. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Every Movie I've Ever Seen

Thanks! And yet, somehow I feel like I haven't seen enough.

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Every Movie I've Ever Seen

Yes I have, as best I can. Some are from childhood and require good memory though.

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Movies Seen in Jan 2007

I absolutely loved it too. I walked out of that theatre so exhuasted because it was such an intense experience for me. Fantastic.

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Films With Incredible Casts

When I saw the title of this list I immediately though "God I hope they have PT Anderson films on here." This is a great list.

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My Top 100 Favorite Movies

I am a big fan of this list. I like your taste. That's all. Sorry for the pretentious comment.

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Best Comedy Movies (Rank Ordered)

I'm having a hard time understanding your list. Is this a list of the "best" comedies, or the ones that you think are funniest? I find it extremely hard to grasp the fact that you've rated Spaceballs, easily one of Mel Brooks's weakest film, higher than...oh, Zoolander? The Good Girl? Young Frankenstein, Good Morning Vietnam or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?? It simply doesn't make sense, tastes and opinions aside.

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