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Most Acidic Traxx

Just to make sure... you do know that link for A Day On Our Planet is not the entire song. Glad you enjoyed.

While I doubt these would qualify for the list, I nonetheless would think you would like these:
Resistance D - Cosmic Love

Spicelab - The Spirit of Fear

BTW, do you have a soulseek account? I'm sometimes on as "Trinithis" (note the capital T).

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Most Acidic Traxx

I just noticed your bit on visualizations at the top. Give these fractal animations a try:

Art of Trance - Madagascar (Original Mix)
Psilocybin - Delicate Substance
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=178ou4nnU7k [there is a slower 10:02 version too]
Spicelab - A Day On Our Planet
Psychobabble - Inverted Forces

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Darktremor's "Functional" Albums

Never been to a club :\

I don't exactly know why, but Invol2ver is magical to me. Perhaps it's my synaesthesia... idk. Though if I had to put money on it, it would have to be the fact that I think it has the neatest vocal work I've heard anywhere. (I'm not the biggest fan of 'normal' singing... especially when it comes to electronica.)

As for weird stuff, have you heard some of the following:
- Extrawelt (Zu Fuss, Soopertrack, One Tree Hill)
- Plastikman (In Side, Plasticine) [I would die to hear these in an awesome sound system!]

While I haven't tried it, I'm sure Mathew Jonson - Marionette and Planet B.E.N. - Trippy Future Garden (the song) would be nice to write to. Which reminds me... if I find I need a goa song to stick in my head, I tend to like Planet B.E.N. - Scotty's Name. I also bet Solieb - Circus Maximus would be neat to write to. It always makes me think of a circular/cylindrical object is subtly inching tighter about me but somehow doesn't move in the long run. Kind of hard to explain.

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Darktremor's "Functional" Albums

"Getting people out of my room"
HAHA!!! Anything hard acid or goa. To be honest, I really really started getting into goa when I wanted to bug my roommate. Good times.

On two large computer projects that I recently did, I found myself listening to Ott - Blumenkraft.

In general I enjoy listening to Choice - Acid Eiffel for pretty much everything as the only thing in my playlist. Truely a song from God (or Garnier and Shazz).

I like to listen to Rena Jones - Driftwood (album/song) when reading mellow stories. James Joyce's Araby for example.

When I drove to a community college a few years ago, I loved putting Spicelab - Falling. Song length is pretty much on queue and I was in LOVE with it (still am). As a matter of fact, I'm listening to it as I speak coincidentally.

Several years ago, I liked to listen to James Holden - Nothing (93 Returning Mix) while writing weird (as in the genre) fiction.

Sasha - Invol2ver for misc stuff on occasion. Mainly when I want to lay down and chill to an album. To me it's a brownish album on the whole with some blacks and golds. Love the ethereal voices. And I Which reminds me, been a while since I had my Invol2ver fix. (Right now I've been motivated in collecting as many Oliver Lieb songs as I can. I hope to soon make a list rating on a simple scale of 1-5 of all songs I've heard from him.)

For an acid fix: L.S.G. - Hearts, Union Jack - Red Herring, Choice - Acid Eiffel.

To feel like I'm in space: Spicelab - Spicelab.

Driving to the grocery store: Spicelab - The Spirit of Fear; L.S.G. - Hearts

Oh, and one more: Pleiadians - Maia to feel like I'm energetically f'ing high but not. Only listened to it once on weed... absolutely CRAZY!

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The Best Psychedelic Trance I've heard

I guess I see what you are getting at, and I admit it would be a stretch to call Blumencraft psy, although it has a psy influence. It clearly has some songs that have about zero psy in them. Putting that aside, I do really enjoy that album, but not a 'psy' album.

Perhaps only the ear can pass judgment on psybient as being 'psy'. I am a bit suprised Shpongle (tribal psybient) is not on this list.

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The Best Psychedelic Trance I've heard

One of my favorite psy albums is Phutureprimitive - Sub Conscious

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Most Acidic Traxx

Try this:
Hardfloor - Da Revival (Llorca & Duriez MDLM Mix)
[Might be the same as the Les Maçons De La Musique Mix. I also like the original. Not sure which I like more.]

Speaking of Hardfloor, while I don't feel it's very acidic, the following song is cool:
Hardfloor - T 2 Da C (Dexter Mix)

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The best of Goa Trance - top artists, albums and tracks

Would you happen to know if Oliver Lieb has released any goa or psy over the years? I would be most curious as to what the master could do in those genres.

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Experimental electronic tracks I've prod...uhhh...cranked out

Just saw this page. I'm listening to Back to the Bass-ics. It's pretty cool. To me, it sounds like minimal goa. (Which is something I've never heard before, and to be honest, I was tempted in making something that is a blend of the two genres.) I'll try your other stuff too and will attempt to give you feedback.

I have only dabbled a little in music creation, and I loved it, despite having no music theory and don't know an instrument. Over the summer, I plan on taking a piano course for some theory and want to try busting out some songs on FL.

BTW, what is the artist name I should put for these songs?

Oh, and what's the best acid tool you've found? The best one I've discovered is http://www.audiorealism.se/abl/abl2_announcement.htm

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The Best Psychedelic Trance I've heard

Derango - Tumult...
listening to it now... utterly AMAZING!

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Top 20 trance mixes of all time

Hallucinogen - In Dub (Mixed by Ott)

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Top 400 trance tracks of all time

What is the name of this Plastikman song? I have it as PP001, but discogs shows up blank for it. Here's a link on youtube (also labeled as PP001):

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Most Acidic Traxx

My favorite acid traxx (that are not on list and not mentioned already):
Choice - Acid Eiffel (Ambient Techno)
L.S.G. - Hearts (Trance)
Plastikman - Plasticine (Minimal Techno)
Plastikman - Plasticity (Minimal Techno)

Now I'm gonna treat myself to finding the songs you have on the list I don't have :D

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Top 400 trance tracks of all time

try this:

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My Favourite Techno Tracks

You have Plasticine on this list twice.

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