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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Fair enough. Well my intention was not to disrespect you. I know how hard it is to make such a huge list. Perhaps I could have come off sounding more constructive. Finding a thousand tracks to make a best of list is hard only if you zero in on a particular genre of EDM.

I think you're title may be a bit misleading to some people as it's missing quite a few EDM genres like (ambient, goa/psy, neotrance/minimal, IDM, jungle/D&B to name only a few). I noticed that your list leans very heavily towards the side of House, Techno, and Trance music (especially House). For you to accurately represent a best of list in EDM it should be much more evenly distributed among other genres.

Anyways, here are some songs to enlighten you, as you put it. I'll try and stay within the realm of genres that are on your list: (artist - song title)
Planisphere - Deep Blue Dream
Gemini 6 - Skysoaring
Tall Paul - Lunes Por La Noce
Canseven & Filipovic - People
Biosphere - Novelty Waves
Cosmic Baby - Cosmik Trigger 1&2
Suncreem - Perfect Motion (Boyz Own Mix)
Alan Fitzpatrick - Reflections (Petar Dundov Remix)
Nicole Vs. The Groove Club - The Bass
Salt Tank - Pacific Diva
Mystic Force - Mystic Force
N-Joi - Malfunction
Neutron 9000 - Tranceplant (Trans - Triffid Edit)
Orbital - Lush 3-1
4Voice - Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix)
Eden Transmission - I'm So High
Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn
Young American Primitive - Young American Primitive
Resistance D - Feel High (Humate Mix)
Zyon - Raindrops (Red Rain Mix)
Midirain - Always (Demented Mix 2)
Spooky - Little Bullet (Dum Dum Mix)
The Disco Evangelists - De Niro (The Spaceflight Remix)

I guess I went over you're suggested limit of 5 (These tracks are by no means my all time favourites, but are just a handful that have stayed in my memory for a while). I also won't recommend any removals in accordance with the rules for posting.

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BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]

Quite a few filler tracks present on this list to be honest. When creating a list of this magnitude, quality invariably goes down. I too tried to create a "best of" list trying to hit that 1000 marker but gave up because I found myself throwing in tracks just to reach the limit (as opposed to the tracks actually meriting a spot by virtue of its greatness). Appreciate the effort though. Found quite a few good ones on here as well that eluded me.

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Ultimate Classic Trance List (1990-1995)

Hmmm, not the smartest move on your part IMHO. The amount of work you put in should merit at least a back up drive (HDs are cheap these days). I would love to have bought your computer off you and gotten my hands on those rarities. Too bad it ended up going to a guy who didn't even appreciate it in the first place. Wasted talent...

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Ultimate Classic Trance List (1990-1995)

Why did you delete your collection? I cherish my trance collection as if it were my child! I did however manage to order the last copy of Trance Vibes off of discogs so when it arrives i can rip and upload those rarities.

Apart from those three, I pretty much have every track on here. Excellent list I must say (in spite of me having disagreements in places). I do recommend getting Mystic Force's - Frontier album (get the 2xcd one) and adding some more of his stuff on the list (such as: starburst, everlast, enigma/second wave) to name a few. Some singles I think merit a spot on the list are:

The Nights Of Pan - Far Beyond Space And Time
Brainstorm - Birdy
Emojonal - Make E Move
L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopaya
Cybordelics - Adventures Of Dama
Aura - Energy Transpose

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Ultimate Classic Trance List (1990-1995)

The rarest songs on this list are all done by Levent Canseven. I've been trying to look for them everywhere but they are really hard to find. Can anyone suggest where I might find them?

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Darktremor's "Functional" Albums

Hi Darktremor,

If you're looking for a great functional album to add to your list, check out the album "Trust" by Kaito.

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Best Ambient music of all time

It's a different Gas than the one that came out with the Pop album.

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Research projects I have been/am involved in

I hope it goes well for you. You seem to be quite knowledgeable.

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Darktremor believes...

I think you're confusing your second point (about good and evil) with that of moral and immoral (ie. right and wrong). I totally agree that there is no universal morality but I think that it is different for good and evil. I think you should apply the same logic to this point by saying there is no universal good and evil; however, good and evil always exist in the present.

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The best of Goa Trance - top artists, albums and tracks

what? no solar plexus - into the 5th dimension??? ....shhhaaaammme

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Your Proudest Listology Contribution?

the one that got me on listology in the first place

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Darktremor's Current Reading

why dont you create a "your favourite novels of all time" thread?

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Research projects I have been/am involved in

so what school do you go to? or is this something you do on the side?

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How to stay up the entire night painlessly and efficiently

What about doing a yoga headstand? That will get plenty of blood flowing to the brain and has many positive effects on the body's immune and circulatory systems, as well as, regenerating old and lazy RBCs.

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How to stay up the entire night painlessly and efficiently

what about smoking pot? is that a good way to stay up, or will pot make you more relaxed?

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