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They popped up here in Austin this week, but unfortunately even $36-50 is too much for me & the wife right now.

4/10/2008 View
The Mist

And extremely inauthentic.

SPOILERS ABOUND! For those who have seen the movie (or don't care about being spoiled) only.

I'm sorry, but NO father in his right mind could murder his own child in cold blood unless an immediate and unbearably torturous death was at hand.

Also, what father would rather murder his own son (and a number of close acquaintances) in cold blood than stand up and fight to the death?

4/5/2008 View
The Mist

Spoilers: I believe that the protagonist, the woman & child plus another character drive off into the mist and the narrator says something about hope, which is the exact opposite of what Darabont was going for.

4/3/2008 View
The Mist

Um, well, I could tell you if the difference is absurd, but that might be considered a spoiler by some, so...

Yes, the difference between the endings is DEFINITELY absurd.

3/31/2008 View
The Mist

Of course, I was being sarcastic there. The ending Darabont chose for the film just seemed highly inappropriate to me; there is a reason Stephen King chose to end his novella the way he did and I don't think the director should have changed it.

That said, I imagine that watching it in black-and-white might make the movie a different sort of viewing experience. Perhaps even a better one.

3/30/2008 View
The Mist

Hopefully this black-and-white version has a different ending, too.

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Films to see: 2008

Hope you enjoy Paranoid Park more than I did. :-)

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Films seen: in 2007

I'll have to take a look at it this week, then. Thanks! :-)

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Films seen: in 2007

B- for Murder Party, eh? I've had it on my hard drive for a couple of weeks now, but haven't bothered watching it. Any brief thoughts on it?

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Films seen: in 2007

I was introduced to Joy Division kinda late (my early twenties), but I've always loved them and been interested in the band's all-too-brief history. And Anton Corbijn has a hell of an eye. I'll have to find out when it's coming to the Alamo Drafthouse.

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Films seen: in 2007

Definitely agree with Chris about Pink Horse and Laura. Horse is interesting enough, but nothing overly special.

Regarding Control, though: I am very interested in seeing this, hopefully before it ends up here in Austin. What did you like about it?

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An Still-Entirely-Redundant (But More Useful than Expected) Viewing Log for 2007

As far as I'm concerned, this film is a figment of my imagination. Never speak to me of it.

Sorry, dude, but I gotta ask: what's up with the Romero?

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'07 Releases I Really Do Wanna See

Are you absolutely sure you want to see The Tripper?

8/11/2007 View
False Alarm

Good news. :-)

Listology's minimalist Web 1.0 look is refreshing to me, frankly. Who needs all those high tech bells-and-whistles in my opinion.

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Films seen: In 2007

You forgot The Great QT, whose ego seemingly has no bounds. Why, why, why does he continue to believe that he can act?

As for F. Rodriguez, his lack of height was a HUGE distraction for me. Aren't action heroes supposed to be, I don't know, more like Kurt Russell?

4/16/2007 View