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Brunettes aren't always what they seem (Controversial nsfw!!!) Article 1,540 0 10/18/2006
Brunettes wear boots: a look back at the pairs of Dr.Marten's I owned and wore List 3,173 5 6/21/2011
Why, they ask, has our cramoukji been silent for so long ? Article 1,411 4 8/31/2006
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Endorsing Jim Article 1,774 14 2/15/2005
I am a rising star Article 1,383 0 5/18/2005
New girlfriend Article 1,300 0 5/18/2005
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Playful brunettes: boardgames owned in the cramoukji household List 1,861 0 6/6/2006
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Brunettes in Wonderland : my favorite characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice books List 2,532 0 2/7/2005
Brunettes the high cost of living : my 15 favorite super-heroes comic-book artists List 9,184 17 3/28/2005
Deathtrap Brunettes : interactive gamebooks you might find on my bookshelf List 1,768 0 10/29/2007
The League of extraordinary brunettes: Fictional characters Listologists would like to meet for real (more contributions expected, don't be shy!!) List 9,002 19 1/27/2006
The power of brunettes : the seven sexiest dark-haired female characters out of comic-books List 5,755 1 9/3/2006
TiJean loved brunettes : my favorite Jack Kerouac books List 2,343 0 3/28/2005
Junk food
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New apartment Article 1,526 1 7/28/2005
Sweet and crispy brunettes: which of these junk foods do you prefer ? Poll 2,119 0 2/24/2005
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All hail the new brunettes: my favorite David Cronenberg movies List 2,898 8 11/8/2005
Belgium with a B as in Brunettes : belgian directors who might tickle your fancy and selected movies List 3,747 10 6/9/2005
Beyond the valley of the brunettes : seven classic dark-haired actresses and my lasting images of them List 4,898 8 2/3/2005
Big brunettes in little China : my favourite John Carpenter movies List 2,449 7 4/9/2006
Brunettes boulevard : seven current dark-haired actresses whose cuteness can't be denied List 6,641 6 2/4/2005
For the love of brunettes : seven very sexy screen and tv actresses who get overlooked too often List 3,350 4 2/10/2005
Four brunettes and a funeral: my seven "desert island" romantic comedies List 2,145 3 1/23/2006
Planet of the brunettes: my seven "desert island" anticipation movies List 2,124 5 3/16/2005
Some brunettes went to the movies and all I got was this lousy t-shirt (rating movies I've just seen in the theater) List 3,277 25 10/15/2006
Starship Brunettes: 15 american 90's movies I enjoy so much I could probably watch them everyday List 3,255 7 3/28/2005
The Lord of the brunettes: my ten favorite heroic-fantasy movies List 3,015 1 2/28/2005
The Texas brunettes massacre : my seven "desert island" horror movies List 2,868 4 2/14/2005
The trouble with brunettes : my favorite Hal Hartley movies (and some brunettes who play parts in them) List 3,086 7 2/7/2005
The world according to brunettes : twelve american movies I would consider as the worst I have ever seen List 2,581 6 11/1/2005
Theory of Brunettes: quotes from Hal Hartley's movies List 7,019 0 4/11/2005
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a short brunette silly game: what nationality are these bands and artists ? List 3,034 12 9/2/2006
Bikini brunettes with machine guns : ten albums you have to listen to before you can claim to like "punk" music List 3,840 23 4/6/2005
Brunettes at work: the CDs I brought to the office today List 11,452 39 11/22/2012
Brunettes in Belgium, part one: something about our local music awards Article 1,867 0 1/31/2006
Brunettes in Glastonbury : my all-time fantasy three-day rock band festival Article 1,886 2 10/30/2005
Brunettes in love (it's not me): my 25 favourite american songwriters List 2,345 0 3/13/2005
Brunettes will tear us apart again: a nine-song "cold wave" starter kit List 2,552 0 5/6/2005
Brunettes' banquet: CDs I need to complete these artists' discographies List 2,091 5 4/11/2012
Center stage brunettes: all those people I have seen live in concert List 2,624 0 10/15/2006
Days of brunettes passed : my choice of the all-time 50 best rock albums List 3,247 2 6/2/2005
Even the brunettes get lucky sometimes : an authoritative rated list of albums by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers List 2,776 4 6/30/2010
In a brunettes, under the sea: the ten best belgian rock bands in history List 4,124 6 3/23/2005
Sergeant Brunettes Lonely Hearts Club Band: ten highly popular artists and bands that are still not part of my 800+ CD collection List 2,198 4 11/24/2007
small brunettes game: find bands by initials of their members' names List 3,926 8 2/20/2006
The colour of brunettes : colors in song titles List 32,163 47 11/2/2008
The sound of brunettes : seven talented dark-haired female singer-songwriters List 4,832 0 2/28/2005
The uptown Alice's brunettes masacree : seven folk singer-songwriters to which you need to listen if you want to live a worthwile life as a selfless human being List 2,288 0 7/19/2010
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Are you brunettes to rumble ?: pro-wrestling matches in the movies List 2,279 0 4/5/2005
Bodyslam brunettes: my pro-wrestling live calendar List 4,209 0 10/15/2006
Madison Square Brunettes is sold out: the best five US pro-wrestlers by decade List 3,008 14 11/30/2005
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Brunettes make cute corpses: vote for your favorite CSI series Poll 2,559 6 1/9/2006
Brunettes undressed : seven dark-haired adult magazines models worthy of mention List 11,562 8 2/4/2005
Close encounters of the brunettes kind : a brutally honest account of dark-haired female personalities on which I have or have had a crush for the past ten years List 2,227 0 2/4/2005
Hey, hey we're the Brunettes: fictional bands on TV worth mentioning List 7,322 16 6/1/2005
Hopelessly devoted to brunettes : my choice of the top 10 dark-haired females you can currently see or have recently seen on a tv screen near you List 3,273 4 2/10/2005
I wish people would vote in my poll Article 1,225 0 2/14/2005
It's time to meet the brunettes on the brunettes show tonight: my favorite Muppets (now ranked) List 29,118 13 2/25/2005
Rhapsody in brunettes : twenty of the best dark-haired actresses in the history of TV series List 11,625 0 2/18/2005
The powerpuff brunettes : children's programme characters who would scare me if they were real List 2,625 2 2/14/2005
To boldly go where no brunettes have gone before: my twenty favorite sci-fi TV series List 5,760 21 3/24/2010