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Sergeant Brunettes Lonely Hearts Club Band: ten highly popular artists and bands that are still not part of my 800+ CD collection

I most certainly do not consider The Rolling Stones as having any thread of a valid claim to being an "important" band in the sense of having influenced later generations and/or impacting the "art" of songwriting the way The Beatles have done... And I fully agree that though at the time pitted against one another by the teenybopper media and the industry (experimenting with the now-tested formula that competitiveness amongst fans boosts sales) neither The Beatles nor The Stones were any competition to one another... at the risk of oversimplifying things, the Beatls have always ruled the record aspect of pop/rock music while The Stones never surrendered their winning edge on the stage/live portion of 20th century mass entertainment.

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Channel 4's 100 Greatest Cartoons

But really... I'm surprised no one brought that topic up yet but shouldn't Channel 4 have helf two separate lists, one for film-feature cartoon movies and one for serial TV cartoons ? There is no doubt in my humble mind that these are different "art forms" and including both in the same list is like comparing the bitterness of grapefruits and the sourness of lemons on the grounds that they're both citruses...

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Brunettes at work: the CDs I brought to the office today

Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment :)

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The colour of brunettes : colors in song titles

sorry for the much belated reply and thanks a lot for your contributions
Not to b*tch about things too much, but your contributions would have just been perfect if you had mentioned the artists for each song :)

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Ok, I'm only showing off here but many parts of this movie were actually shot in my town, Charleroi in Belgium and for all JCVD fans out there Jean-Claude was very accomodating to the local press and media as well as the general public... It has to be said that Van Damme is somewhat of a national treasure here in Belgium and that the simple premise of the movie already has lots of moviegoers ready to embrace another facet of Van Damme's.

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The powerpuff brunettes : children's programme characters who would scare me if they were real

Thank you

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All hail the new brunettes: my favorite David Cronenberg movies

Well, as a long-time hardcore fan I did look up on videosharing sites, especially to track down "evidence" of the supposed lip-synching... So I did see Free Fallin' in its abridged entirety, yes... And sorry to shatter any illusions you may have about that but the Superbowl isn't even not a big deal in this here Old World, it's simply no deal at all... I understand only the newscasts in the UK mentioned it, not even the smallest blip on the radar of the other big and small countries making up the EU.

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All hail the new brunettes: my favorite David Cronenberg movies

I sadly haven't been able to catch Eastern Promises in the theatres here... But yes, Naomi Watts is a good actress even though she's got gold in her hair... Oh and thank you for posting a comment to one of my lists, my listology account has been incredibly inactive these past months.

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My Top Albums (now numbered & ranked!!!)

Neu! is quite underrated and simply essential... Do not hesitate to purchase Neu!zwei and Neu!78 if you have the luck of finding them in shops.

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100 Best American Rock Albums (2000 Edition)

Still baffled by the complete absence of any Tom Petty/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers records in your list... Do you hold a grudge against the guy ? Albums worth your consideration could be their debut from 76, Damn The Torpedoes from 1979, Full Moon fever from 1989 and Wildflowers from 1994.

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Countries I have been to

And I have been to most places of Belgium, France, Luxembourg and various parts of The Netherlands, Germany, UK (England, Wales and Jersey), Spain, Andorra, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Poland, Malaysia, The Philippines, Morocco and will soon discover Montenegro.

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Albums ranked: the 00s

Well, still no Tom Petty in sight in here... But I didn't come here to complain about the lack of recognition that has plagued TP&HB for thirty years now... Rather, I'd like to hear about your opinion of british band Editors... Their latest album "An end has a start" is quite only one of two current new material from fairly young bands that I am enjoying at this time (the other being the more obvious but slightly less young White Stripes)... Thanks for your input if you have any :)

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TV Shows Owned On DVD

Well, Wez, I'm surprised a chap with your sense of humour and general good taste still hasn't found the opportunity to buy, own and review more classic BBC comedy such as Fawlty Towers and anything the pair of Mayall&Edmonson have done over the past 25 years (Young Ones, Bottom and so on)... And, I must say, where's your AbFab ?

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Album Cover Quiz

Well, on first and only attempt I got 32 right + 5 for which I had the artist but not the album's name... but again I'm kind of living 24/7 with music, could as well be married to the thing, call me a musical monk LOL

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Albums ranked: the 00s

Looking at your top albums ranked and how you feel about Dylan and Springsteen, I'd say it's high time you go out and buy yourself Tom Petty's latest masterpiece "Highway Companion".

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