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10 Paintings and others

I'm not knocking the appreciating or study of art from books. I won't see every piece by Bruegel but I can enjoy them work in books. I can also change my opinion of works I've seen later on the internet. I'm from Scotland which isn't a great place for art but then i'm not far from Europe.

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Paintings to See

I doubt I'll see all of them. I don't even know where they all are but I should see the ones in the big cities of Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands. What can happen though is a painting has been temporarily moved or being restored when you visit. That happened with Bruegel's The Hunters in the Snow so I'll visit Austria again to see it. Where are you from? Not Europe i'm guessing.

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10 Paintings and others

I'll stick with a top 10 of ones i've seen. Books and the internet are a good guide for paintings to seek out but not really for appreciating. It can be hard to work out which version of a painting is the correct one and the small sizes of the pictures make it difficult to judge. I can say which paintings i'm most looking forward to seeing:

La charmeuse de Serpents - Théodore Rousseau
The Birth of Venus - Sandro Botticelli
The Hunt in the Forest - Paolo Uccello
Hunters in the Snow/ The Triumph of Death - Pieter Bruegel

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10 Paintings and others

Thanks. It would be a better selection if i'd visited more galleries in France or even been to Italy. This list is mostly made up of paintings i've seen in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria. Hopefully i'll visit the Louvre next year.

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10 Paintings and others


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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014

I'll leave it then, sorry.

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Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014

I'll join in, but i don't have the counter on so i'll post in the message section how many i've seen.

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Most Haunting/Nightmarish Films (mid-revision)

I would never recommend Salo but i wouldn't dimiss it as schlock. It's Pasolini's vision of fascism and the complete control it can give some people. He must of felt unable to depict it in any other way. Probably a film better read about than seen.

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Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)

Sorry, i don't understand the comment you on my list.

Scaruffi really is quite an influence on you. If i recall rightly he also rates most of these highly. Maybe i'll follow your guide. Although i've liked weird stuff instantly (Gnaw Their Tongues, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra) and found some easy stuff just doesn't get me first time round (Bob Dylan, Slint). How often do you usually listen to a new album before you feel you given it a proper listen?

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Most Haunting/Nightmarish Films (mid-revision)

Have you seen Pasolini's Salo? I think a little part of my soul died after seeing that. Not the best film of his films to start with really. Takashi Miike's Audition had me shaking by the end. Todd Haynes' Safe is probably the film that most haunts me (and it doesn't contain any violence). The film that i've found to be the most nightmarish is on your list - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre*.

*Sorry for being pedantic but that's the correct title. The director spelled it wrong for the copyright.

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Vote: What are the Top 10 Black & White Visual Experiences in Film History?

Marketa Lazarová - Frantisek Vlácil (1967)
Woman of the Dunes - Hiroshi Teshigahara (1964)
Werckmeister Harmonies - Béla Tarr (2000)
Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese (1980)
The Cremator - Juraj Herz (1969)
Persona - Ingmar Bergman (1966)
Tetsuo - Shin'ya Tsukamoto (1989)
Man with a Movie Camera - Dziga Vertov (1929)
La Jetée - Chris Marker (1962)
Manhattan - Woody Allen (1979)

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Film fans: most shocking gap(s) in your viewing history?

Three and a half years later and i still have some major gaps:
The Birth of a Nation (1915)
The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)
Top Hat (1935)
Sansho the Baliff (1954)
Le Samouraï (1967) - I counldn't even get this when i was in France
Stranger Than Paradise (1984)
Hoop Dreams (1994)

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Best Sci Fi Movie Of The 90's

Edward Scissorhands is fantasy not sci-fi. Also you should put an Other option.

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BBC Sports Personality of the Year

1997 must have been a quiet year.

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It's Time

Thank you for what is one of my favourite websites. Wouldn't have seen so many films if it wasn't for this site. What makes this site great is the simple format along with the content of users. If there's a better site for listing i'd love to see it.

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