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The '07 Movie Hierarchy

I haven't seen many 08 films.

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Movie Log, 2008

I had a bootleg dvd of The Perfume, it was damaged at the end, i think i missed the last 10 minutes, its on cable now.

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Best Albums of the 2000's & 2010's

I heard Chinese Democracy sounds like Evanescence, i don't like that.

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Movie Log, 2008

About the perfume, it ends in the orgy? in the book there is a cannibalistic scene at the end after the orgy.

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People I Would Like to Interview

Hey Luke, are you voting for Chuck Baldwin?

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The Greatest Hip-Hop Artists of All Time

Krs-one, Mos Def, Aceyalone, Sage Francis, Kza,N E R D, and that's just off the top of my head. Gorillaz.

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It's Time

It was good while it lasted, i got to stalk some of my favorite people, and i met Lukeprog.

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The Top 25 All-Time Best Rock Live Albums

I agree with you about live at the Apollo, i think is overrated.

BB King live at the Apollo is pretty good.

I like the song selection better in San Quentin, but prefer the performance in folsom prison.

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The Top 25 All-Time Best Rock Live Albums

I'm partial to Queen live at Wembley.

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Musical Personalities Present on Listology

You are not presenting a fake version of yourself, that's a mistake, you are improving yourself, taking the best of what you already and develop some new and exciting things, to become a better version of yourself.

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Things of questionable truth or effectiveness

why did you change the title of the list? it was effective, i'm not sure if i would have clicked on it if it wasn't called things that are bs.

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Videogame reviews, 2008

Have you played Bad Mojo? i never did but the reviews made it sound pretty damn interesting.

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Name The Song That The Album Title Came From

27 battle of who could care less by Ben Folds Five: Fine pewter portraits of
general apathy and major boredom singing
Whatever and ever amen

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A History of Significant Art Videogames


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Reading Log, 2008

Ok i'm thinking better now, see for the types of books that you were reading, i assumed that you were trrying to understand women, and how to meet them. Then i saw you gave the mistery method and the game a low rating, because i thought that surely you wanted something beyond just getting laid, and you lowered their ratings accordingly, that these booksa didn't helped you in what you wanted to achieve.

That's why i say, those books are what they are, they get you started in the venusian arts, and they help you meet women and get laid.

Of course you need to meet lots of women in order to find the type of women you would like to have relationships with, i can totally relate to that, but i think just getting out to laid its kind of an empty effort, you get your "high", but at the end it makes you feel empty, its like some sort of drug.

So i think is better to go out, have a good time, and meet all sort of people along the way, not just hot women, you'll grow as a person, and you will get to the point you want to be eventually, it might take longer but i think is more enjoyable.

But, at the end know one knows anything, and i'm the living proof of that, here i am alone, and not knowing when and how to start.

Now youj talk about being more attractive, you have a good start, you are an attractive fellow i met you, you are tall, you have cool hair, what you need is maybe work in your clothes, go out with a female friend, or a young memeber of your family, ( i do it with my 18 year old cousin), and shop, there are thing you probably never thought of wearing which are actually pretty cool, and looks good.

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