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100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers

amazing considering they were mostly good quotes and somehow he seemd to only take them from good movies, that is until he got to one, I really dissapointed with the last one, surely there were hundreds of great quotes with the number 1 in them to choose from and thats the one to end it on?... otherwise it was fantastic.

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Arcade Fire/Sergio Leone Mashup

amazing... it's surprisingly a really good song too. I figured it was just going to be put over the ending but the editing was very well timed.

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Top 10 Movies for Kids

i could not possibly make a similar list without including the sandlot... and probably mighty ducks 1 & 2 as well, or at least rudy or rocky or something even if it wasn't as kid friendly... I mean is it just me or does it seem sacreligious not to include at least one sports movie? I'd even settle for little giants or the big green.

and I still think toy story beats the tail off finding nemo... or any other pixar-esque movie for that matter.

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David Mashet

I really lost my s*** when that lose your s*** line came up.

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Trailerology: Black Sheep

personally I think we have enough "the things" and not enough "return of the living deads"... so i'll take killer sheep.

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Trailerology: Black Sheep

zombie sheep... Finally.

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Top 10 Fight Scenes

i don't think it's a terrible list, but it's missing some great ones, and it included some horrible ones... a matrix fight? c'mon.

numero uno for me will always be the infamous nada vs frank fight scene... so it gets points for including the best of 'em all, but what is surprising is that the Bruce Lee/Kareem abdul jabar fight can be found on youtube and it's still not here.

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Unfilmable Novels

I would die to see David Lynch's metamorphasis, Let's hope he gets around to it someday.

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My Top 100 Favorite Albums

yeah, i'm the opposite on the let it be, i only listened to the original after i loved the naked one for years

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Celebrity Patents

I love that one of the lesser known marx brothers invented something useful

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My Top 100 Favorite Albums

great stuff, I own like a dozen of these, and considering i only own like 20 cds thats pretty good... personally i prefer the naked cut of let it be, but that's just me.

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Grindhouse 2

as hard as it is for me to say this, rodriguez' looks a thousand times better now that we get a taste of both... and hopefully they purposefully chose the only scenes where kurt russell looks like he's lost his edge for the trailer, hopefully that is part of the build up in the movie.

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Pre-Taped Call In Show

mr show... definitely the best skit show of all time... maybe of any show... i actually had never seen this one but it is now one of my favorite bits.

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Albums ranked: the 60s

i can't imagine a list of 60's albums without at least one of the bands two best albums... music from big pink and the band, if you haven't listened, i recomend it, if you have and just forgotten then here's the reminder.

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Songs, good or bad, that will get stuck in your mind

it's the most famous of the songs old and in the way did, they are the bluegrass band jerry garcia started.

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