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1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (with links!)

Thanks! However I'm having trouble with that first link. Can you recheck that for me?

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Books Read in 2008

I enjoyed Mansfield Park but I have to confess that I expected it to end differently. Previously I have read Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility.

Currently I am also enjoying the Jane Austen adaptations airing on Masterpiece Theater on PBS, although the Mansfield Park film was a bit disappointing.

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Books I Read in 2007

So far I have found it fun and engaging, as you have said. I picked it up because I know I was missing out on undertones in the books I read. Thanks for your input! I'm glad to hear I'm on the right track.

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Books I Read in 2007

What were your thoughts on How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster? I'm currently reading it now.

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Shows I miss

Hell yeah, Young Riders was awesome!! I miss it too.

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Books Read in 2007

Thanks! I try to mix it up. If I read too many serious books in a row I need to throw in some light-hearted stuff.

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100 Things I WILL do before I die

Oops. I re-ordered my list, so #45 as mentioned above is actually #48 now. My bad.

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What I haven't read from "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die"

Hey, check out my 1001 list. I have links for some of the older stuff on the list, so you can read them for free online.
Here it is.

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100 Things I WILL do before I die

Yep! And they DO pay me - hurray! Basically I don't have to deal with customers (there are none) and I get to be around books all day. It's great!

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I want to read these sometime

You know, I never got into it as a kid. I remember starting but not finishing it. I'd like to give it another chance.

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Dammit Cavett, I Love You!

For all Mel Brooks fans, check out the interview if you get a chance. I was laughing so hard!

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Movies Viewed in 2006

Someone in Europe had a print. The first 2/3 were pretty much disintegrated, so TCM got somebody to put the first 2/3 together using still photographs, and trailer footage. (And, of course, lots of dialogue cards.) The last 1/3 was used as is. The whole thing was only about 1 hour long. There must have been some sort of shooting script to go by in recreating the first part of the movie. Check out what some others said about it on imdb.

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Books Read in 2006

I enjoyed The Second Assistant . But then I really like chick-lit, so maybe I don't have very discriminating taste. I like reading about worlds that differ so widely from mine. I was sad when I finished the book, I wanted it to keep going. I didn't know there was a sequel coming, but I will definitely check it out!

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Which are your initials? (Just for fun)

Mine are AW also!

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When is your birthday (only month and day)? (Just for fun)


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