You learn something new every day

  • 03/03/2010

  • Creatine does not help with sore muscles. I was previously under the impression that it did.
  • MSM is completely out of your system 12 hours after taking it, hence the need to take it twice a day. This thoery was originally proven via testing on racing animals (greyhounds, horses et al)
  • There is new technology that is able to sort through audio archives to find individual words a person had said at one point and form full sentences for people who are now dead, incapacitated in some way, etc. An example was given on the radio today, but I didnt catch who the celebrity in question was if anyone reads this and knows, please post a comment here....also if there is a name for the technology that would be awesome to know...Id add it to the appropriate day's list
  • Learned about the "Tetris Effect" phenomenon. I havent played Tetris in a while (I really only excel at the GameBoy platform and I havent dug it out in a while), but when I would actively play I would get those dreams. In fact, considering the fact that I have chronic insomnia, I recall pleasantly drifting off to sleep to Tetris playing out in my head which might just prompt me to give that another shot here soon
Author Comments: 

Every day (at least Ill try my best) I will post as many little "factoids" that I learned that day. This way I can look back later on and see exactly when I learned something AND, perhaps more importantly, RE-learn what I will inevitably end up forgetting. I will try to stick to factual items only and not anything personal, subjective, or based on fictional works.

I figure since Ive kinda always wanted to keep a diary or jump on the blog bandwagon, but my creativity level is in the negative, I can have something similar, but on a purely factual basis.

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