50 Top Trance Songs For Newer Generations

  • I am relatively new here and have been into the Trance scene for quite a while. Actually, not long enough as TranceAddict and darktremor ... but longer than some of the new generations.
  • This is my personal favorites of Trance songs that really hit the spot for me whether I would be high on something or nothing.
  • Let it be known that...
  • 1) I will admit, at one point, I was into Dj MystiK, GiGi D' Agostino, Dj Eion, Dj Avalon, Dj I-Suck-Balls, and the rest of the cheesy (silly) 'breakbeat' subgenre of Trance that should have never been created. Then again, it was the cheesy Trance that started it all for me. However, I have progressed, moved on, and drifted deeply away from the silliness of the breakbeat Trance genre.
  • 2) I was born in 1992. I was NOT old enough to witness the Golden Age of Trance.
  • 3) I really do not like the Trance music that is being created nowadays either, as it has entirely gone down the drain. Some are exceptionally good, but I have no hopes for the new generation of Trance, as Trance nowadays has become electro Deadmau5 bullshit. Armin Van Buuren's ASOT is umm.... well, it is also bland if you ask me.
  • 4) If you have not read #2, read it, and then read here now. I respect pure Trance in every way possible. The classics brought up on darktremor's list and TranceAddict's list are definitely the songs I have grown to like. I will admit, when I first read darktremor's list back in 2007, when I first (seriously) got into Trance, I thought his tracks were just weird, boring, strange, wtf-is-this, kind of vibe to it. However, like darktremor said on his list, I came back to the list probably 3 years later when I was much older, and grew to respect his intelligence. Trance is an acquired taste, a series of complex sounds that a simple by-standard today would totally comprehend. Back in 2007, I was such a newbie and it wasn't even funny. I probably still am, but hell, I was NOTHING but then when my playlist was full of Dj Sammy Dj MystiK Dj I-make-shitty-music.
  • 5) If you want, you can call me Pierre. However you prefer. Why do I have TrancePrince? Well, I don't know. That sort of thing just popped up into my head. I am a new kid in the Trance scene, yet one who doesn't embraces the new formula and style of Trance in my own generation. I embrace, adore, aspire, idolize, and respect with my dearest and sincerest gratitude to the Trance scene from late 90's to 2004.
  • 6) darktremor , I am sorry to have disappointed you, but I don't think I have any songs on my list that are before 1995. Therefore, I am an idiot in your generation, or perspective.
  • Well after all the blabbering, I'll list the songs which I find to be the best. And before I do, I'm not forcing my playlist down anyone's throat.
  • -----------------
  • 1. Tiësto - Delirium - Silence (In Search of Sunrise Remix)
  • [] I know this song is probably overplayed, probably even cheesy to some, boring, oh-I-heard-this-already, but I personally love this song. When I first heard it, I didn't like it... AT ALL. I thought it was lame because it didn't sound like my Dj MystiK (at that silly time in 2007). However, when I went to Tiesto's Rave in San Francisco Cow Palace in 2009, I felt the beauty of this song. It's pretty amazing in the way it creates such a rush of emotions. I was literally in awe for this song, the buildup, breakdown, and drop is just amazing. The vocals do not send shivers down my spine, but it sure put an impact on me. I was blown away with the song. []
  • 2. Tiësto - Elements of Life
  • [] This song, I believed which was produced and created in 2007, is also an amazing track. I would even classify this as Anthem, but not sure if it is 'epic'... but I do rather find it a little epic. When I first heard this song it was an instant like for me. I did not know why I liked it, but the melody was quite catchy. Once the melody kicks in, if I close my eyes, I can picture myself at a rave with lots of blue and white lights flashing, and a beautiful waterfall in the middle of it, expressing the elements of life. Do note, however, that I was high on something when I imagined this. Other than that, the song is great. The song feels a little redundant sometimes towards the end sometimes... so I will admit it's not THE BEST song out there. I think Geert Guinink is a genius for this composition though.[]
  • 3. Ferry Corsten - Brain Box
  • [] Yet another amazing song I heard at a rave. Yes, and it was Ferry Corsten playing this at LoveFest 2007 Afterparty as his last song. This song was probably what triggered my first serious interest in epic, legit Trance. I'll admit again, I was high on something when I heard it at the rave, so yeah. It's a great song to listen to anyway. But if you are perhaps sober, you may find it cheesy and boring, because it is a repetition kind of song. Still great though, and fun to listen to and dance if you have the right set of speakers. []
  • 4. Gouryella - 1998
  • [] Wow, what a song. I have not heard it live, but when hearing it, I can picture amazing thoughts. First of all, I don't know how the hell it is possible for me to imagine this, but I somehow imagine my present self, somehow jumping back to the year 1998, and partying at a club that is playing this song when it was fresh and new. Why do I find I picture this? Because this song has a distinct "old-school", unique sound to it that I can tell the differences between the Trance 11-12 years ago and in present day 2010. Old school songs really do sound feel old school, like a classic, and I just love it, man. The new stuff today cannot compare.
  • 5. Octagen and Arizona - Starburst
  • [] A friend of mine on YouTube sent this to me. He was a buddy who loves only the old school platipus, pure, Trance sound. And I must say, this song takes me to the late 90's mentally with visual images. Read #4 for more information. Old school Trance songs are really, really the genius. This sounds pretty basic but it's a solid track and will probably, or perhaps definitely, be a great track for any club set.[]
  • 6. Pulser - Cloudwalking (Astral Mix)
  • [] What do I have to say about this song? Hmm... let's see, if the song is sped up just a tiny little bit, we have ourselves a classical euphoric club sound. Oh yes, I remember hearing this song when Tiesto played it at his Elements of Life Tour in 2007 San Francisco. Good times. This song screams euphoric, classy, and pure Trance to me. It is very innovative, has some strange, spacey, uplifting sound to it that makes me really feel like I am walking in the clouds, and once the breakdown and drop comes in, I feel like I am in a never ending paradise mental state of Trance. There's some piano in it too, which gives it such an important emphasis on the melody. []
  • 7. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Light The Skies (Retrobyte's Classic Electrobounce Mix)
  • [] Electro-Trance? Electro-House? I am not sure. I need you, darktremor, to put a say in this one. However, I take it under assumption that this song is a classic electro house at its average finest. A nice and bumpy track, very upbeat, flows nicely, and the vocals makes it sound so much better. Puts you into another world if you shuts your lights out (close your eyes).[]
  • 8. Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (Reworked)
  • [] Is this song, pure Trance? Or is it mainstream? I don't know. darktremor if you can please have a say in this one too. Anyways, I personally like this song because it also puts me into a Trance with the sounds it has to offer. It's strange, but it has a nostalgic-piano feel to it that almost makes it awkward but yet addicting at the same time. Still, a good track for a club. Not for a finale that's for sure, but it'll suit the 2nd or 3rd song after your opening song if you are playing live.
  • 9. Sela & Briggs - This Day Will Come (Paul Webster Remix)
  • [] This is Tech-Trance if I am not mistaken. A great song that is highly upbeat once it hits the main melody and makes you want to dance, if you don't find it cheesy. This song is much like "Blood is Pumpin", because they sound very similar. However, I find this song much more innovative than "Blood is Pumpin." It is newer and sound sharper and more interesting if you ask me. I heard this at Tiesto's Kaleidoscope Tour 2009 at San Francisco. And boy, it was epic because this was one of this songs he played towards the end. The lights were insane when it synced with this song.
  • 10. Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me (Original Mix)
  • [] This is your typical vocal Trance song that with a girl vocalist sounding like an angel, making you want to just cuddle up with some girl if you were both high on something. This song is relatively new, but I think it has talent. It is a mellow-euphoric sound but highly innovative in a way, if you ask me.
  • 11. Tiësto - Goldenscan - Sunrise (DJ Tiësto Remix)
  • [] And why do I like this song? Hmm, let's see why. It screams epic Trance, a little bit of Psy-Trance, a little bit of original Trance (the acidic feel to it), and it screams anthem. An amazing remix Tiesto made, which in my opinion, surpasses the original Goldenscan mix. Don't get me wrong, the Goldenscan is great too, but the Tiesto remix is extended with more to listen for the ears, and Tiesto adds his own melody to it. It sounds good.
  • 12. Tastexperience_07_Summersault (Original)
  • [] Such an amazing, relaxing, and spiritual feel this song gives me. Does this song put me into a whole new world? Yes. Would that feeling classify as Trance? I believe so. This song is old school, not sure which years, I think 1998 or 1999. I forgot, but it sounds sharp even to this day with the quality it has to offer. Man, imagine what it was like hearing this back then... this song still sounds good to me today. I just discovered it about last week, and it quickly became a favorite.[]
  • 13. Tiësto - Aria - Willow
  • [] Oh man, I really love Tiesto's old works. This remix has so much depth in it. Puts new songs nowadays into shame. It let's you know that Trance is not all about electric sounds and bass. This song has classical instruments played in it and a little bit of gospel, but for the rest of the song there is an interesting melody that kicks in that sounds like... air is going in and out of your body. I have no idea actually. I just like it. Not because it is Tiesto and I'm being an "OMG TIESTO FAN" or anything, but I see talent in this song, so that's why it is here.
  • 13. Tiësto - Suburban Train
  • [] Yeah, yeah. This song is already overplayed, overlisted, everyone knows this, nothing new, but it is always a must have if you are at least a decent Trance listener in terms of taste. It's a great track though! When I hear this song, I didn't really understand why it was called Suburban Train... but after months of listener, I was able to put images into my head. Now, when I listen to it I can imagine myself in an interesting high-tech train, going at an immense speed, with the world, ocean, mountains, passing by at the side, and lastly, this song playing in the background. Pretty interesting, huh? Actually, I bet nobody is actually even giving a damn about my imaginations.[]
  • 14. Mat Zo - Lucky Strike
  • [] Epic, Euphoric, Uplifting, Melodic.[]
  • 15. Dj Astrid - Atlantica
  • [] This song straight up screams old school acid bass kind of Trance. It sounds pretty cool, trippy, and catchy if you ask me. This song has the noticeable old school sound to it.[]
  • 16. Megara vs Dj Lee - For a Moment (Original Mix)
  • 17. Lange Feat Skye - Drifting Away
  • 18. Lange Feat Sarah Howells - Out Of The Sky (Kyau & Albert Remix)
  • 19. Oceanlab - Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond's 2008 Analog Haven Mix)
  • 20. Fast Distance vs. Dimension - Above The Clouds (Original Mix)
  • [] This song is very uplifting, very detailed, has amazing texture in it for the journey it takes you on. Surely makes me feel "Above The Clouds" when I hear it.[]
  • 21. Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Original Mix)
  • 22. Joop - The Future (Original mix)
  • 23. Nenes & Pascal Feliz - Platinum
  • 24. Airwave - Alone In The Dark
  • 25. Agnelli & Nelson - Holding On To Nothing - (Paul Van Dyk Edit)
  • 26. Yahel - Open Your Mind (Magikal Remake)
  • 27. The Mystery - Forgiven
  • 28. Armin van Buuren & Jochen Miller - Lost Connection - In & Out of Love
  • 29. Armin van Buuren - Communication
  • 30. Gabriel & Dresden Ft. Molly - Tracking Treasure Down
  • 31. Ernesto vs Bastian - Killer Tone
  • 32. Art Of Trance_06_Madagascar 2009 (Original Mix Remastered)
  • 33. Tiësto - Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (In Search of Sunrise Mix)
  • 34. Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting
  • 36. Stoneface & Terminal - Blueprint (Club Mix)
  • 37. Tiesto - Louder Than Boom (Extended Mix)
  • 38. Megara vs Dj Lee - For a Moment (Original Mix)
  • 39. Tiësto - Just Be (Original Mix)
  • 40. Dave202-Departure (Club Mix)
  • 41. Hidden Sound System - I Know (Original Mix)
  • 42. Leon Boiler - Poseidon
  • 43. Oceanlab - Miracle (Above & Beyond Remix)
  • 44. Vengeance - Dawn Of The Uprising (Denga vs Manus Mix)
  • 45. Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down
  • 46. Tiësto - Feel It (Tiësto's Feel It On The Floor Dub Mix)
  • 47. Tiësto - Jan Johnson - Flesh (Tiësto Remix)
  • 48. Ohmna - The Sun'll Shine
  • 49. Daniel Kandi - Venice Beach [Estiva Remix]
  • 50. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Atlantis Edit)
Author Comments: 

Probably the first 15 songs are my considered my favorites in a particular order. After 15, everything is all in no particular order, although there are numbers. I will admit, I don't have an amazing taste in Trance, but I don't go around bragging or try to sound like some elitist. This is just the songs I currently know of and like, and I just want to share with you guys.

very cool list!
in my case what started evrything for me in the Trance Music it was the song Airwave by Rank 1 and i still love that tune!
however i already listened to a lot of Trance Music subgenres and i personally like the majority of them, but in my personal favs, there are Uplifting, Tech and Dutch Trance subgenres.
i have to admit, i sometimes listen to some songs by DJ Mystik, DJ Sammy, etc.
but nothing compared to what i really love in Trance Music.
anyway, you did a very nice list, you can take a view into my list, too, if you want.

Hmm, good list. A lot of songs which I haven't heard. I'm going to give them a try. And you're damn right about Sunrise (Tiesto Remix), I think it even deserves to be at number 1. It is (imo) the best anthem trance song there is.
And I have to admit (just like any trance listener), I also started off with DJ Sammy, Alice Deejay, DJ Mystik, Gigi and the likes. But that is over 4 years ago. I was also born in the early 90's (1991) and never experienced the first years of trance. I did some research myself and, like you said, it sounded strange the first time. But I've really gotten into it, and it has become one of my favourite genres.

Greetings from The Netherlands

Hi, thanks for checking out my list. This list is nearly a year old, so most of my taste and favorites have changed over time. I might edit it again, but this list reminds me of my old self a lot.

I agree with you 100% that Goldenscan - Sunrise (Tiesto Remix) belongs way up there around #2 or #3. I've actually grown out of Elements of Life and I got more into Suburban Train. I've also grown a love for Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tiesto Remix) and I also got introduced to some better classics on like "Epic Monolith," "C Sharp," "Sparkles," and many more that I would definitely put on this list instead.

you're no idiot... but i'll admit I have the same first impression of darktremor's list. although it makes him a douchebag to be so condescending and think so highly of himself.

check out the songs on my list--I believe you'll find some new favorites. I see some that overlap with your list!!! Daniel Kandi - Venice Beach (Estiva remix). Check out Estiva - i feel fine (piano mix)
I JUST discovered solar stone seven cities yesterday and definitely agree with that choice. Elements of Life - Tiesto.....man what an epic tune. I love how DIRTY/gritty it sounds in the beginning. I wonder if you could relate.

Please let me know if you discover any or agree on any on my list. So far I'm really liking Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me.

I'll keep checking yours out and I hope to find gems as well :D In particular I think you'd really like most of my Daniel Kandi, Soundlift, and Above & Beyond selections. a LOT of time and thought went into making this list ;)

I enjoy Ferry corsten's Beautiful, although it didn't make my list. A few others I really like such as
Dash Berlin Feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting, some of your Tiesto selections like Silence..