Top 25 Lacuna Coil Songs

  1. Virtual Environment (Enjoy the Silence Single)
  2. Comalies (Comalies)
  3. Swamped (Comalies)
  4. Stars (Lacuna Coil)
  5. To Live Is To Hide (Unleashed Memories)
  6. Falling Again (In A Reverie)
  7. To Myself I Turned (In A Reverie)
  8. Distant Sun (Unleashed Memories)
  9. Not Enough (Shallow Life)
  10. The Last Goodbye (Shallow Life Japanese Edition)
  11. Fragile (Karmacode)
  12. Within Me (Karmacode)
  13. Humane (Comalies)
  14. Our Truth (Karmacode)
  15. The Ghost Woman and the Hunter (Comalies)
  16. Wave of Anguish (Unleashed Memories)
  17. Veins of Glass (In a Reverie)
  18. Daylight Dancer (Comalies)
  19. Angels Punishment (Comalies)
  20. Reverie (In a Reverie)
  21. Without Fear (Karmacode)
  22. Fragemnts of Faith (Karmacode)
  23. Heavens a Lie (Comalies)
  24. Senzafine (Unleashed Memories)
  25. Spellbound (shallow Life)