The List of Names of the Teachers who taught me in Higher Education from 2006 onwards ...


Bachelors of Arts (Honours) First Year (2006) First Semester (January - June):
Philosophy (Major):
Course (311): Introduction To Philosophy: Dr. Abdul Wahab Soori
English (Minor):
Course (301): Short Stories: Ms. Muneeza Syed
Novel: Ms. Ibtesam Afreen
International Relations (Minor):
Course (301): Introduction To International Relations

Second Semester:
Philosophy (Major):
Course (312): Ethics: Ms. Saima
English (Minor): Ms. Sweda Jalal Siddiqui & Mr. Faisal Nazeer
International Relations (Minor):

Bacherlors of Arts (Honour) Second Year (2007)
First Semester:
International Relations (Major)