Reading Record of Non-Fiction I Have Read So Far

  1. 6. Tuesdays With Morrie, by Mitch Albom
  2. 8. Teen Esteem, by Dr. Pat Palmer & Melissa Alberti Froehner
  3. 10. Az-Zubai Bin Al-Awwain; The Disciple, by Abdul Basit Ahmad
  4. 15. Nelson English Student Book 3
  5. 18. Through The Narrow Gate, by Karen Armstrong
  6. 20. How To Enjoy Your Life and Your Job, by Dale Carnegie
  7. 22. The Ingredients For A Happy Marriage, by Sheikh Nasir Al-Omar, Translated by Sheikh M. Amin
  8. 25. Oxford Geography Project 2 (European Patterns), by John Rolfe, Rosemary Dearden, Ashley Kent, Clive Rowe Neville Grenyer
  9. 28. Sentinels of the Sea, The Pakistan Navy (1947 - 1997), by PN Book Club
  10. 29. Why Not Cover Your Modesty, by Abdul Hameed Al-Balali
  11. 30. Buddha, by Karen Armstrong
  12. 32. The Crisis of Islam, by Bernard Lewis
  13. 33. The Patience Strong Gift Book, by Patience Strong
  14. 35. Poems For Young People, For Class IX, by East Pakistan School Text Book Board Dacca
  15. 36. Muslim Woman in World Religions' Prespective, by Dr. Arifa Farid
  16. 37. The Life of the Last Prophet, by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)
  17. 38. The Rights & Duties of Women in Islam, by Abdul Ghaffar Hasan
  18. 39. Holy War, Inc.- Inside the Secret World of Osama Bin Laden, by Peter L. Bergen
  19. 47. An Introduction to the Science of Hadith, by Dr. Suhaib Hasan
  20. 50. Correspondence between Maulana Maududi And Maryam Jameela
  21. 54. The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli
  22. 55. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey
  23. 56. Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman
  24. 57. Research Methodology, by R. Jayaprakash Reddy
  25. 62. Geography for Pakistan 3, by Doreen Crawford
  26. 63. How To Read A Person Like A Book, by Gerald I. Nierenberg & Henry H. Calero
  27. 71. The End of India, by Khushwant Singh
  28. 72. Islam Mai Khawateen Kay Haquq - Jadeed Ya Farsudah, by Dr. Zakir Naik (Urdu)
  29. 75. The Arden Shakespeare Book of Quotations on Nature, Complied by Jane Armstrong
  30. 76. Selected Fatwa for Women, by M. Bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Musnad
  31. 78. Wisdom of the Idiots, by Idries Shah
  32. 79. The Many Shades of Shirk, by Fadlur Rahman Kalim Kashmiri
  33. 80. Freemasonry - A Critical Study, by Misbahul Islam Faruqi
  34. 81. The Law-Abiding Citizens of The Kingdom of Allah, by Mahmood Ashraf
  35. 83. Communication, by Roger Cartwright
  36. 84. Reflections, by Idries Shah
  37. 87. Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship, by Al-Ghazali, translated by Muhtar Holland
  38. 88. A Time To Speak - Anecdoted from Sadi Shirazi, edited by Ashraf Abu Turab & Zia Sardar
  39. 93. Not A Nice Man To Know - The Best Of Khushwant Singh, by Khushwant Singh
  40. 94. Islam At The Crossroads, by Muhammad Asad
  41. 95. A Man Called Khushwant Singh, Edited by Rohini Singh
  42. 96. Status Of Women In Islam, Edited, Compiled & Annotated by Khursheed Warsi
  43. 98. The Usborne Introduction To The Second World War, by Paul Dowswell, Edited by Jane Chisholm
  44. 100. The Ordinary Person's Guide To Empire, by Arundhati Roy
  45. 104. Mark Twain In India, Edited by Prof. B. J. Vaswani
  46. 105. Quiet Thoughts, by Patience Strong
  47. 107. Where Memory Leads, by Patience Strong
  48. 108. The 8th Habit, by Stephen R. Covey
  49. 109. Floods of Deserted Dreams, by Maryam Kizilbash
  50. 110. Cutting Edge - My Autobiography, by Javed Miandad with Saad Shafqat
  51. 111. Harbours of Happiness, by Patience Strong
  52. 113. A Book of Good Thoughts, Selected from "Thought For To-Day", Quotations published in "The Times of India"
  53. 120. First Things First, by Stephen R. Covey
  54. 123. The Road To Mecca, by Muhammad Asad
  55. 124. Talash, by Mumtaz Mufti (Urdu)
  56. 130. The Fundamentals of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism), by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
  57. 131. Life After Life, by Raymond Moody, Jr., M.D.
  58. 136. Qur'an and Modern Science - Compatible or Incompatible?, by Dr. Zakir Naik
  59. 140. The Future of Freedom, by Fareed Zakaria
  60. 143. Is The Bible God's Word?, by Ahmed Deedat
  61. 144. Usool At-Tafseer, by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
  62. 150. What The Bible Says About Muhammad (Peace be upon him), by Ahmed Deedat
  63. 156. Messengers of Allah, by Nighat Hashmi
  64. 157. The Honoured Guests - Quran Stories for Little Hearts, by Saniyasnain Khan
  65. 159. Jannah, by Nighat Hashmi
  66. 175. Glimpses Into The Corridors Of Power, by Gohar Ayub Khan