Baguette Movies

  • Lovely to Look At (1952)
  • Return of the Pink Panther (1975)
  • The Four Seasons (1981)

  • Ghostbusters

  • Dana Barrett gets out of a taxi and walks home, a head of lettuce clearly visible on top of her paper shopping bag.

  • Shark Hunter (2001)
  • Blade Trinity (2003)
Author Comments: 

This is a list of movies that follow the stereotype that any grocery bag (especially paper bags) will inevitably have a baguette sticking out of it.

So if you think of any, please let me know.

You know what would be really interesting - to compare how many French movies have baguette scenes with how many American movies have them.

what is a baguette?

A long thin loaf of French bread. (Websters)~grin~

Lol, I know I've seen this dozens of times; I wish I'd been keeping track.

In a tribute to cmonster I have learned that Shark Hunter has more than its fair share of baguettes... spread with cheesy badness.

Like the film itself, the shark is better than I expected. Technically, this is easily the best realized and scariest of the four sea beasts featured in this issue.

I know it’s a movie law that grocery bags must have a baguette sticking out of them, but three baguettes? That’s overkill. [emphasis added]

Things I Learned: Smoking in a pressurized underwater facility is not against the rules... It’s embarrassing to miss an eighty-foot long shark with a harpoon... Never lean over an exposed water bay in a killer shark movie.
Summary: If this proves the worst of the three giant shark movies due out this year, fans will be in pretty good shape. It’s at least even money, though, that this will be the best of them. Shark Hunter is the last of the reviews. It might be worth reading the entire page if only because it has the best analysis I've ever seen of Octopus II: River of Death.

return of the pink panther... duh.