Nebraska (1982) Songs Ranked

  1. Album ranked #5 of all. (comments to be continued)
  2. Atlantic City - Track 2 of 10
  3. My Father's House - Track 9 of 10
  4. Oozes the sorrow, the intimidating imagery and lack of connection but remains satisfying despite its unresolved ending. It's one of my favourite songs to play because it allows me to keep that riff going for as long as I please.
  5. Johnny 99 - Track 4 of 10
  6. Reason to Believe - Track 10 of 10
  7. Highway Patrolman - Track 5 of 10
  8. The most heart-felt of all stories Bruce has ever told as he embraces a character. The profound internal conflict of justice versus loyalty comes out mostly through his delicate and minimal approach.
  9. Mansion on the Hill - Track 3 of 10
  10. Nostalgic and comforting. This is a safe haven, an unmolested memory of black and white morality. The version with Nils' slide guitar joining Patti and Bruce's tender duet in New York City is the finest version, which captures the essence of the moment.
  11. Nebraska - Track 1 of 10
  12. Very somber and a great start to a great album. I'd seen Terrence Malick's Badlands, a film also inspired by the event, before hearing this song but it was only afterwards that I truly understood the character they tried to comprehend. The atmosphere of the demo tape is perfect for the mood.
  13. Used Car - Track 7 of 10
  14. State Trooper - Track 6 of 10
  15. Open All Night - Track 8 of 10