My films

  1. The Chase (2009) Drama, 1:20, Director, Cameraman & Cameo.
  2. Swift Infinity Tyres (2009) Advertisement, 0:35, Cameraman & Producer.
  3. Bring Back Halstead Cinema (2010) Social Community Action Film, 4:09, Cameraman & Editor.
  4. Bruce Springsteen - Lonesome Day (2010) Music Video, 4:20, Director, Cameraman & Editor.
  5. Waste Not Want Not (2010) Documentary, 5:26, Producer & Editor.
  6. After the Gold Rush (2011, directed by Tom Garrihy) Drama, 5:09, Writer, Sound & Editor.
  7. (Brain Damage (2011, directed by Daniel Cholerton) Drama, 15:00, Executive Producer, Script Supervisor & Key Grip.)*
  8. Late for the Sky (2011) Mockumentary, 8:10, Director, Writer, Sound, Editor & Cameo. WINNER OF 3 COLINS AWARDS; Best Final Major Project, Best Director, Best Screenplay. IMDb link
  9. Little World (2011) Entertainment Chat Show, 7:03, Camera Operator & Co-Script Supervisor.
  10. Fine Art (2012) Documentary, 3:01, First Assistant Director & Editor.
  11. A Step Too Far (2012) Drama, 3:23, Producer & Cameo.
  12. Heartbeats (2012) Drama, 3:01, Director, Editor & Writer.
Author Comments: 

Title (+link to youtube/vimeo video of it), Type, Runtime, My Credits. Awards (where submitted)

* = personal project (aka, not for college/university/work)

( in brackets ) = minor role, but there for majority or entirety of production

What are Colins Awards and/or congrats?!

Definitely and! Hahah. They're my college's end of year awards (little statue, oscar size, plastic but super shiny). We showed all our films at the local cinema in front of our classmates and their parents and stuff. Yes, I won 3 awards :P. Awkward going down for that third, especially since everyone only won 1 or none, so I kinda swept. Especially since it was in front of 120 odd people. Good day.

Hahaha, that's so awesome, dude. Serious congrats. Now you know how the Coens felt. :P