Greetings From Asbury Park (1973) Songs Ranked

  1. Album ranked #15 of all.
  2. Blinded By the Light - Track 1 of 9
  3. Grabbing poetry with full force throttle thrust. Perhaps the music overshadows the vocals but the need to move to it is irresistible. A perfect introduction to the Boss summing the excitement that this album represents.
  4. Growin' Up - Track 2 of 9
  5. Shows his development and talent in making music with simple symmetry let alone lyrics. Adds a lot to his character. I love the acoustic version included in Tracks and can play that one. There's also an explosive version on Live 1975-1985 with an anecdote in the middle, of which is my secondary source for my screenplay involving Springsteen's youth, name for the song, Born to Run.
  6. Spirit in the Night - Track 8 of 9
  7. A deserved crowd-pleaser. The whole band is together and clearly having fun, having that reflect right through the recording.
  8. For You - Track 7 of 9
  9. It has a welcome urgency, definitely captures the essence of what it's trying to say. The solo version on the official live album at Hammersmith in 1975 also manages this though in a different way, perhaps altering the intention. Very effective.
  10. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City - Track 9 of 9
  11. Good nearly great, perhaps self-reflective. Bruce seems more comfortable in this final track of the album. I prefer his more alive recording on that Hammersmith show.
  12. Lost in the Flood - Track 5 of 9
  13. Too dark in tone and context to enjoy but is gentle swaying music, definitely working it's mood across.
  14. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? - Track 4 of 9
  15. Playful, though the irritating and lazy lyrics lets the song down from the superior music. At least it compliments the vocals. I prefer the acoustic version included on Tracks.
  16. Mary Queen Of Arkansas - Track 3 of 9
  17. Nice and somber, though despite the pleasantness it dilutes the ability to pay close attention to the lyrics. Can't help but admire his passion. It's probably overlong and too early.
  18. The Angel - Track 6 of 9
  19. Like a mix in tone between Mary Queen of Arkansas and Lost in the Flood though on the piano. Unfortunately it's too forgettable to step over the average mark.

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