Born to Run (1975) Songs Ranked

  1. Album ranked #1 of all.
  2. Thunder Road - Track 1 of 8
  3. The greatest song ever. Its subtext brings me hope and confidence in any action I endevour. I got like the album version and two live versions as my most played tracks of all-time by far on my iPod. The last minute is what it'll be like in Heaven
  4. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out - Track 2 of 8
  5. A celebration of all good things. It's difficult to listen to this song and not let its sheer joy overpower any depression.
  6. Jungleland - Track 8 of 8
  7. An absolute epic. Takes you straight to this dystopia and lets you watch it burn. Musical orgasm? Check.
  8. Born to Run - Track 5 of 8
  9. The absolute epitome of song writing. The power in this one song is phenomenal. Could last a lifetime.
  10. She's the One - Track 6 of 8
  11. Just the right amount of adreneline and passion flowing. Addictive.
  12. Backstreets - Track 4 of 8
  13. Beautiful story told beautifully. A bit of early aggression in there but still as soothing as it is emotionally consuming. This is also another example of Bruce savouring his youth, hoping the things and people he's closest to will transition with him. Fortunately, they did. My favourite version is the Hammersmith if just for the fact he sinks into it more than the studio recording.
  14. Night - Track 3 of 8
  15. Pure adreneline rush. Music often overpowers the vocals but still, love it.
  16. Meeting Across the River - Track 7 of 8
  17. Falls short, being the breather in an exhilerating album, ends up forgettable but nice when listening.