02. Bruce Springsteen Studio Albums Ranked

Really good ranking, although I wouldn´t quite agree. Personally, I´d give Tunnel of Love and The Ghost of Tom Joad much more credit. :-)

I perhaps need to emphasize: there is no such thing as the worst Bruce Springsteen album, just the least best. I o love them all :) though perhaps The Ghost of Tom Joad is the only one that's good and not great. I'm going to go through all of them with a brief commentary and ranking for each track. Hope you read them and tell me what you think (because then you can see how much credit I do give them).

Indeed, I look forward to your comments which will, in part, propel me to listen and evaluate anew his magnificent body of work. Admittedly, I have preferred his scruffier early work to his comfortable, late middle-age recent works but... this is all part of the pleasure of listening and living with an evolving artist.

Yes, he does seem to put more accessible radio hit tunes (Magic is nearly just all of them) recently but I find that they still have worth and work. I'd probably like him less if he was literally consistent with the style of Born to Run throughout his entire career (though of course, not in quality). Hope you comment on my comments, though it's going to take me a while.

"Darkness On The Edge Of Town" and "Born To Run" are my joint first, I'd rate "Nebraska" next and "Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ" as my next favourite.