World Travels (321 Travellers Century Club 'Countries')

  1. This list of 321 "countries" by the Travelers' Century Club includes locations that may not be sovereign states, but are removed from their parent geographically, politically, or ethnologically.

  2. Europe and the Mediterranean (67)

Places I want to visit in my lifetime.

  • Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.
  • The Northern Lights, Polar Regions.

Places I want to visit in my lifetime.

  • The Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Around the World in 100 Treasures

  • -Taj Mahal
  • -Machu Picchu
  • -The Great Wall of China
  • -Christ the Redeemer, Rio
  • -Venice
  • -Angkor Wat + Angkor Thom, Cambodia
  • -Nasca Lines, Peru
  • -The Forbidden City, Beijing
  • -Easter Island Moai
  • -Sydney Opera House
  • -Pyramid + Sphinx, Giza
  • -Alhambra Palace, Spain
  • -Moscow Metro
  • -Rock Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia
  • -Bukhara old city, Uzbekistan
  • -Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
  • -Lake Palace, Udaipur
  • -Borobodur, Indonesia
  • -Ryoanji Garden, Kyoto
  • -Registan square, Samarkand
  • -Queen Nefertari's Tomb, Egypt
  • -Djenne Mosque, Mali
  • -Goreme, Cappadoccia, Turkey
  • -St Basil's Cathedral, Mo

Places I've Been of Patricia Schultz's 1,000 Places To See Before You Die

  • 10/1043
  • Europe

  • Great Britain and Ireland

  • England

  • Cliveden
  • Windsor Castle
  • Chester
  • Penzance and Land's End
  • St.

1001 Escapes To Make Before You Die (What I Have Enjoyed ... So Far)



  • Antarctic Exploration
  • MS Fram Hurtigruten Cruise
  • Patriot Hills


  • Carlisle Bay
  • Hermitage Bay
  • Jumby Bay Resort
  • Rock Cottage Villa


Clone of 1001 Places to See Before You Die

  • Completed in Bold & Italic
  • Europe

  • Great Britian & Ireland

  • England

  • Clivedon
  • Windsor Castle
  • Chester
  • Penzance & Land's End
  • St.

Best China Books

  • China's state-run General Administration of Press and Publication screens all Chinese literature intended to be sold on the open market. The GAPP has the legal authority to screen, censor, and ban any print, electronic, or Internet publication in China. Because all publishers in China are required to be licensed by the GAPP, that agency also has the power to deny people the right to publish, and completely shut down any publisher who fails to follow its dictates. As a result, the ratio of official to pirated books is said to be 2:3.